Management Meeting

March 13th



  • Present plan for the next year on Wednesday
  • 2+1 for projects
  • Discussion about expectations with everyone
  • We will record for everyone who is not here

Revenue issues

  • Revenue - comparing revenue from the same month a year before. On average, 151% higher - year over year.
  • Conservative predictions - 141%. Not doing well in revenue compared to last year and not near predictions.
  • Maybe splitting SaaS and sales revenue.
  • Need to check mixpanel events, look at upgraded, dropped purchasing flyer credits, google analytics to see if there is a drop in usage or visitors
  • Revert back to allowing purchasing flyer credits for educators
  • Need more investigation and try to figure out why are numbers are low
  • Student segmentation filtering could cause the lack of revenue
  • Enhance revenue dashboard in admin to include more information

Raising Educator prices

  • $79.00 vs $59.00 making a decision - $59.00 and old pricing page
  • Raising SaaS prices - need to have a communication plan - grandfather-in all current users or grandfather-discount -giving users the price for 1-2 years and then raising prices - only for educators
  • Set a date and letting our users know in an email that we are raising prices
  • Support needs to give answers to users about the raised questions
  • Some companies are coinciding product changes with a raising of prices

Wednesday presentation

  • Now and July 1st
  • July 1st - end of year
  • 2 targets + 1 - expectations will be well-defined either working towards the new Smore or increasing revenue now


  •, the non-profit that is supposed to help companies become compliant, charges $8,000 annually for each certification ( FERPA and COPPA)!!
  • Need a list from Rachel of objections or reasons why people don't want to sign up for Smore for Schools

Smore for Schools

  • Smore for School email going out March 20th
  • google apps integration
  • other integrations


  • Nothing too notable
  • Users are figuring out a way to collaborate on their own
  • Mom sent a flyer to a teacher as an idea for in-class use

Paid Campaigns

  • Not using keyword search
  • Instead going with Facebook paid campaigns
  • Retention-deciding what users we want to retain - Educators have a high retention rate

2+1 targets

  • If not apart of this project, don't do it
  • Expectations for where we will be by July 1st