Where will we go in the USA

The USA ,we are coming~~~~~~~~~

We are looking forward to the trip.We'd like to go to New York, Las vegas, San Francisco, Hawaii, Seattle, Philadelphia, Chicago, Florida........

Oh! ! ! We'd like to drive our Mercedes-Benz around every corner of the USA.

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We like swimming.

We like the sunshine and the beach.

Of course ,we will go to the first place is Hawaii.

During the day,we will be in Hawaii swimming, diving,surfing and enjoy the sunshine.

In the evening, we will appreciate the hula,tasting food in Hawaii.

Living In the Moment on the Island of Oahu - Waikiki


Second, we will go to Seattle.

In China there is a film called" Beijing in Seattle".Because the movie we are full of expectation to Seattle.

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Hello Seattle by Owl City Music Video

We will be in Seattle's Space Needle on the revolving restaurant to have a meal,overlooking the scenery in Seattle.

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Of course, must come to taste the Seattle coffee.

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It is said that Boston is the oldest in the USA ,one of the most cultural value of city.

So,we think to go to the USA must go to Boston.

Boston City Guide -

We will go to Harvard University in Boston and the university of Massachusetts institute of techonlogy.Feel the school motto and learning atmosphere.

We will be along the Freedom Trail to visit a lot of historical sites.

Boston Common, Massachusetts State House, Old Corner Bookstore, Boston Massacre, Bunker Hill Monument and so on.

We will enjoy our trip to the USA.