The Ravine

Savannah Bourn


Ms. Lavina and Francine were going to see a movie with their friend Helen. Ms. Lavinia's neighbors thought they were crazy going out at night when the lonely one is out. They had to cross the Ravine to go pick her up. On the way to go get her they ran into Elizabeth Ramsell, dead. Francine got really scared and they called the police, the police suggested they go home, but Ms. Lavinia insisted on going to the movies to get their mind off of it. They picked Helen up and didn’t tell her about Elizabeth. When they got to the movies the clerk told them about a man asking about Ms. Lavinia, Francine and Helen freaked out. After Helen was going to call a cab Ms. Lavinia still insisted on seeing the movie. During the movie Helen thought the man behind them was stalking them and stopped the movie. After the movie they had to leave right away because the theater was closing early. Francine wanted to take Ms. Lavinia and Helen home, but they knew she would be too sacred to walk home alone, so Ms. Lavinia walked them both home and had to cross the Ravine alone. The whole time she thought someone was following her, and she was really scared. When she got home she looked out the window to see no one was following her. Then she heard a man clear his throat.


Ms. Lavinia-

Ms. Lavinia is very brave she walks everyone home and crosses the Ravine fearless and alone. She is caring, she is very kind to Francine and holds her when she cries, and protective because she walks Francine, and Helen home.


Francine is very vulnerable and a scared person, she is always crying and when they fund Elizabeth Ramsell in the woods, she tells Ms. Lavinia to hold her because she is so scared. She is caring and protective about Ms. Lavinia, because she wants Ms. Lavinia to call her when she gets home, and she wants to go home instead of going to the movies so that everyone is safe.


There is suspense when Ms. Lavinia is walking home from taking Francine and Helen home. She feels like someone is following her and she feels like she is going crazy. The whole time she is walking home the readers are thinking what’s going to happen? Is she going to live? Also I think when they are walking to the movies, because its really quiet outside and no one is out side, then when they see a shadow and hear some rustling, and they become afraid.

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