Veterinarian technician

job description

vet tech observes animal patients behavior, prepares animals for exams or surgery. Nurses animal is critical condition such as gives medication,shots, and treatments. A vet tech must have communication skills in order to work with animals and their owner. Communication with coworkers and clients is much needed. Vet techs must be able per year to give all information accurately about animal condition. One must understand animal feelings whether it is behaving hostile due to condition or in pain. A Veterinarian Technician average salary is $85,000-$150,000 per year.


Vetenarians pursue a 4 year degree in veterinary technology at a college or University. A Bachelors degree is required. Vet techs needs to keep operations to run smoothly for animals in clinics, hospitals, and zoos and give the best care and attention. After completing formal education veternary technicians continue training on the job. Usually be trained by licensed veternarians.