Industrial Rev Inventor’s Expo Mini-Project!


Telegraph- a system for transmitting messages from a distance along a wire.

-Samuel Morse invented the telegraph in 1837.

-Was invented to make long distance communication easier.

- The telegraph replaced messengers

-It made communication easier and today phone have replaced telegraphs.

Mechanical reaper-a device that harvests crops

-Invented by Cyrus McCormick in 1831

-Was invented to make harvesting crops easier.

- It replaced harvesting crops by hand.

-It made harvesting easier and made the production of goods faster.

Cotton gin-a machine for separating cotton from its seeds.

-Invented by Eli Whitney in 1793

-Was invented so the people who collected the cotton didn't have to separate the seeds from the cotton by hand.

-The cotton gin replaced pickers and is still in use today.

-Made factory life easier by speeding up the process of cotton picking.

Interchangeable Parts- Parts that are for practical purposes and are identical.

-Invented by Eli Whitney in 1798

-Was invented so if a part broke it could easily be replaced.

-Replaced having to make an all new machine which made factory life easier.

-Interchangeable parts are still in use today.

Sewing Machine- a machine with a mechanically driven needle for sewing.

- The first American sewing machine was invented in 1846 by Elias Howe.

- Was invented to allow for more clothes to be made at a faster pace.

-The sewing machine replaced clothes having to be made by hand and is still in use today.

-Made factory life easier by making the production of clothes quicker.