Volcanic eruptions

Pyroclastic material

What is Pyroclastic material

Pyroclastic material is bunch of fragments of rocks that form during volcanic eruptions Pyroclastic material is a type of felsic magma that is formed during volcanic eruptions and because it has a higher viscosity It traps more gas that means violent eruptions shooting fire bombs

Types of Pyroclastic material

Quiet Eruptions

A oceanic volcanos are mostly made from mafic magma cause of the low viscosity

Types of volcanos

Volcanic activity produces a variety of different features that form during quiet & violent eruptions

Shield volcanoes

A shield volcano covers a wide area & forms from quiet eruptions

Cinder cones

Cinder cones form from violent eruptions & are made from pyroclastic material

Composite volcanoes

Composite volcanoes have alternating layers of pyroclastic material