End of Summer News

Fall 2014

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Best Wishes to you!!

As fall semester winds down, I wanted to officially thank each of you for a wonderful session! It was a pleasure to get to know many of you during help sessions, via email, and phone conversations. Thank you for putting in your best work and best wishes for the upcoming school year!

Grades from the 11/21 due date have been updated

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Wrapping Up the Semester Info

Viewing Grades

*Grades will be released on December 11th at 8am. Instructors cannot communicate your final grades via phone or email. PLEASE do not email or call me for grades.

To view grades, students need to:
    • Login to the Student Information System.

    • Click on the GRADES link on the left of the student dashboard.

    • Select the term from the dropdown menu.

    • Select GET GRADES.

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