John Gainey

By: David A. Marin p.4

Who is John Gainey?And what is Student UNITE?

John Gainey is the director of Student Unite. An organization of racially diverse students from high school, and college that provides mentor ship training to at risk youths.


John Gainey and student Unite are marching and petitioning the government of Alabama to change the name of a bridge, known as the "gate way to the city," or "Edmund Pettus Bridge." The reason for the change is because the bridge is named after the Ku Klux Klan leader and because cops marched down to the bridge and slaughtered hundreds of African Americans.

Heroes and Heroines

These students of Alabama are heroes and heroines because they are fighting for respect and a better world. What i mean by a better world is they want to help get rid of discriminatory now that brings up the past and help diverse races become friends and one. Even the mayor of Selma says that the bridge is just an explanation of the contradiction that is and probably always will be in America." The name of the bridge helps explain the contradiction that exists in America. Sometimes it's good to keep these images in our face. If you remove it, you have a tendency to forget where you're trying to go. "James Perkins, Selma's first black mayor

What i believe is a hero, is a person, or organization that fights for a cause, and it's a good cause.

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