Social Welfare Clinic

Providing Care to Those in Need Since 1913

Women's Health Clinic of Buchanan County

Providing Health Care to Those in Need Since 1913

Research shows women put their own health needs last. Take care of yourself first; so you are able to take care of those you love.

Call today to make an appointment. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones!


• Uninsured or insured with high co-pay


• Medicaid recipient

Women's Health Services





Clinical Breast Exams

Cervical Diagnostic Services:

• Pap Smears

• Colposcopy

• Biopsy

Referral Services for:

• Mammograms

• Ultrasound

• Biopsy

Heart disease and stroke risk assessment

Call 816-344-5233 for your free women's health exam

Do you qualify for services?

If you are 18-34 you may be eligible for comprehensive exam that includes:

- Clinical Breast Exam

- Pap smear

- STD Screening

- Birth Control

If you are 35-64 you may be eligible for:

- Clinical Breast Exam

- Pap smear

- Mammogram referral

- Blood pressure checkups

- Diabetes tests

- Cholesterol tests

- Lifestyle management

- Birth Control

About The Social Welfare Board

The oldest free medical clinic in the United States. The Social Welfare Board of Buchanan County (SWB) is an agency established by Missouri State Statute, RSMO 205.770, in 1913 for the purpose of providing emergency and medical services to residents of Buchanan County. The SWB is funded by City and County dollars and multiple local, state/federal grants and donations. The City and County government appoints a six member Board of Directors to provide appropriate governance.

Our Mission

The mission of the Social Welfare Clinic is to promote and provide quality health care to the under-served population residing in the City of St. Joseph and Buchanan County in a safe, respectful and compassionate manner.