The Weightman M.E.O.W.

Monthly Events Of Wildcats: November 2019

Principals Message

In effort to reduce the impact of students missing instructional time due to late busses, we have started a "Grab N Go" breakfast option. Students will be able to grab a breakfast item from the "Grab N Go'' cart as they make their way to 1st period. Students accounts will be charged according to item purchased; free and reduced rates apply.

Weightman Wildcats are amazing students due to your continuous support! Please take some time to review the Wildcat Binder with your student which should show activities/learning occurring all classes. I also ask that you review our policies on various topics such as: dress code, tardies, and electronic policy so that this semester can continue to be great.

Please make sure you and your student are aware and follow our Wireless Device Policy. This policy is for the entire school year.

  • Students are allowed to bring cell phones and other devices (WCD) on campus however they MUST be silenced/powered off and placed in student's book bag during the school hours of 8:30 a.m. - 2:50 p.m.
  • Students in 7th and 8th grades will be able to access cell phones and other devices (WCD) during their lunch time.
  • At their discretion, teachers may have students use their personal devices for academic reasons. Upon completion of the lesson, students will be expected to silence/power off the device and place the device back into their book bag.​

Phone Confiscation Procedures:

1st Offense: Teacher gives the student a warning and has student put phone away.

2nd Offense: Teacher confiscates the student’s electronic device for the entire class period.

3rd Offense: Teacher sends student to the front office to turn in phone for the remainder of the day. Phone is turned in to Principal’s Secretary and parent will be notified.

4th Offense: Teacher sends student to the office to turn in phone for the remainder of the day. Parent will be contacted to come and pick up the phone.

Any future offense: Disciplinary Referral

The "Pasco Parent Press" is a communication to share information of all things occurring within Pasco County schools. Check here for the latest information.


We are beyond blessed by the support shown with our Step It Up! fundraiser. TEWMS collected $11, 000 due to your dedication and love for our students.

More fun occurred for 165 students who participated in our day of AWESOME on October 10th.

Congratulations, Duke TIP Eligible 7th Graders!

The Duke University Talent Identification Program (Duke TIP) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving academically gifted and talented youth. To be found eligible to participate, students had to score in the 95th percentile on a grade level test in sixth grade or be an active participant in a school’s gifted program. Out of 348 seventh graders at TEWMS, 64 students qualified for this stellar opportunity. It’s now up to them to take the next step and register for the program. Any questions about the program should be directed to Ms. Abercrombie (

Please congratulate: Malia A., Vanessa B., Bradley B., Stephanie F., Jeremy B., Jason B., Malike C., Amy C., Dayla C. Emmy D., Jasmine D., Laura D., Sean D., Nicolas E., Kaylah E., Chase F., Anna G., Sienna G., Emma H. Tyler J., Arianna J., Garrett J., Addison J., Jaedah J., Mackenzie L., Jonathan L., Erin M., Mina M., Joseph M., Samarth M., Mia N., Nhu N., Chanel P., Jaedyn P., Alyssa P., Jacob P., Katherine P., Dylan R., Justin R., Christopher R., Alexi S., Nicole S., Caique S., Ciera S., Azalea S., Nathanio S., James S., Jacob S., Emiliano A., Kiyah S., Hayden S., Connor S., Tyler S., Aidan S., Faith T., Vande K., Logan R., Nicholas V., Albert V., Jansen W., Nikki W., Aidan W., Robert W., Mallaki W., and Ming Y.

Campus Activities:

Go Fan @ TEWMS

Skip the lines, pay online! Come out and show your support for our Wildcats and skip the line to buy your tickets. Simply show your phone with your ticket at the door/gate and with a quick scan you’re in. Pay for TEWMS event tickets online, click here.

Great American Teach In (GATI)

The Duke Energy Great American Teach-In is part of Pasco County Schools’ annual American Education Week celebration. Sponsored by our company since 1994, it’s a special opportunity for you to visit the public school of your choice and share what you know with a new generation. This year's event will be on Wednesday, November 20. Contact the TEMWS @ 813-794-0200 to sign up. Click here for more information.

TEWMS News Show

Our students design and produce the morning new show that is shown during study hall. You can watch our morning news show by visiting here.

FSA Writing Field Test @ TEWMS

TEWMS has been chosen to participate in a FSA Writing Field-Test. We will administer this test to ALL 7th grade students. Here is what we know so far:

  • Our testing date: Tuesday, November 19th
  • Tests will be on computers
  • Students will need to complete a CBT ELA Writing Practice Test
  • Each student will respond to one prompt in one 120-minute session.

In this month’s School Matters from Pasco County:

*A message from Superintendent Browning

*Pasco Pathways schedule of events

*November is Florida Family Engagement in Education Month

*A new Staff in the Spotlight

Pasco Path Ways

Join us to learn about the innovative programs available for students in Pasco County. Consider attending the Pasco Path Ways on November 21st from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., at Wesley Chapel High School. This event is a way for parents/guardians and students to learn about the options available on the east side of Pasco County as well as the Pasco Pathways application process for School Choice and Magnet. There will be an expo style event in the gym with all east side secondary schools represented as well as select elementary schools. There will also be informational sessions that parents/guardians can sign up to attend.

Secondary Pasco Pathways Application Window: December 3 - 13, 2019

19-20 TEWMS Yearbook

The 2019-2020 TEWMS yearbook is on sale for only $42.00 if purchased at school or through your Student Quick Pay account ( It can also be purchased through the Walsworth yearbook company. Walsworth allows you to make the yearbook extra special by purchasing name stamping, icons, a protective plastic cover, and much more. No extras are sold at school. Yearbooks are on sale from now until 1/25/20. This will be the only opportunity to purchase a yearbook. All yearbooks must be pre-ordered! No extra yearbooks will be available for purchase at the end of the school year!

It’s easy to order online! Buy online from now until January 25th, 2020, in Student Quick Pay, at or and enter our school name.

If you are unable to buy a yearbook with Student Quick Pay, yearbooks can be purchased at school for $42.00 cash or a check made out to TEWMS. If purchasing with cash or check please send the filled out form below, with payment, to Mr. Zondor in room 530.

For ordering questions send email requests to or call 813-794-0200 and ask for Mr. Zondor. Online purchasing website addresses: , ,

Early Release days

Beginning in 2019-2020, Pasco County Schools will implement a monthly, two-hour-early release time to allow for staff to engage in professional development aligned with student needs and district and school priorities. ​Visit the link below for additional information.

Early Release Dates:

11/13, 12/11, 1/15, 2/12, 3/11, 4/8

Wildcat Gear!

We are excited to share that we have an online store! Please visit BB Sportswear and check out the Spirit Store. Follow the link, click Online Stores at the far right of the page and choose a Weightman store. You will find all the information you need on the website regarding purchase and delivery dates. Merchandise designs will change throughout the year. Flyers are available in the Front Office as well as merchandise samples are in the glass case.

Opportunity Hall

Opportunity Hall is our after school program that meets on Wednesdays from 3:00 to 4:30pm in our media center. During Opportunity Hall, we have teacher volunteers and student peer tutors to provide as much individualized academic assistance as possible. This also includes support in organization and study skills. In addition, students will have access to computers if need be.

This year we are scheduled to begin offering this support from August 28, 2019 through May 1, 2020. The program does require students to be picked up by 4:30 PM. A school snack is provided for attendees. If you and your child are interested in this support, please fill out the student agreement and permission form and return it to TEWMS as soon as possible. We look forward to helping your student flourish in their areas of need. If you have any questions, please contact Heather Eads.

WCHS invites TEWMS students to join....

Teachers from Wesley Chapel High School invite TEWMS students to join them on a trip to Europe in 2021. Through travel, students can gain confidence, empathy, and an interest in history and current events. It also helps students to stand out on college applications!

Planning trips early ensures the lowest possible price and provides more time for fundraising. For more information, contact Mrs. Joiner (Ireland) at or Mrs. Taylor (Central Europe) at

Upcoming Events:

  • November 4-8: Student Data Chats
  • November 8: Picture Re-Takes
  • November 11-15: Priority Wk in Study Hall
  • November 13: Early Release Day
  • November 20: Great American Teach In @ TEWMS
  • November 21: Student Club day
  • November 21: Pasco Path Ways, 5-8pm @ WCHS
  • November 25-29: Thanksgiving Break, No School

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