Please Stop Laughing At Me

By Kaden Frantz

Summary of the book

Elementary was great until middle school. She was happy because she was hanging out with marraine but marraine gets teased a lot. Jodee goes to a school called Morgan Hills and the people there don't like her so they beat on her throughout middle school. Jodees parents took her to a psychiatrist to help her. She moves to a junior high to a neighborhood and the kids liked her until they started hating her. Years pass and she wrote books and she goes to a reunion and everyone seems to like her now and they apologized. Jodee wrote, "The bullies never remember, but the outcasts never forget."

Jodee Blanco

Jodee is like any girl she longs to fit in and be popular. She was being bullied every day when she was young and she hated it. She would stay inside because the girls and guys hated her so she made quick friends with her bed. After all the pain and harassment she wrote a book called Please Stop Laughing At Me. She has wrote many books and she is very successful in life now.
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Watch Jodee present on Bullying


This book is mostly about character verse character because the kids are beating up on Jodee which would be a Character verse Character. "I'm trapped inside a stereo that's playing a broken record...Blanco you suck. Don't be nice to her. She's gross. We hated her so much in junior high." Page 137 & 138


The theme is ignore bullies or just ignore in general because if it gets to you they will come and come again and maybe even with more people.

Textual Evidance

"Hey Jodee i'm having a couple of friends over Friday night, and I was wondering if you wanted to join us?" Page 204. This quote was great because it was one of the only times she got asked to hang out with girls that wouldn't bully her.

Book Review

I give this book 5 stars. This is because the book was very well written and the message was strong she was trying to send. I recommend this to everyone over the age of 6th grade because there are some suggestive words and content but it was a great book over all.