Did Containment Of Communism Work?

Julissa ramirez

Communism in China

Communism:A government/economic system that promotes a classless society based on common ownership of products and property. The long march led Mao Zedong to communism. The Great Leap Forward was to make China powerful and build buildings. It failed though, because farmers started to starve. The CCP is China's Communist Party. The cultural Revolution banned self expressions and religions. Mao Zedongs troops sended troops to kill people in the Tiananmen Square.

Korean War and the United States involvement

On June 25,1950, General Chai Ung Chai's communist divisions from North Korea invaded South Korea over 6 routes. North Korea wanted to unite all Korea under communist rule. In September of 1950, the US and South Korean troops controlled vice admiral Arthur D. Struble captured Inchon. Inchon was a key area to contol. From January 4,1951 through June 1951, their was not much gained land because if one gained land the other one would get it back. One June 27,1953, an agreement was signed in Panmunjom, along the 38th parallel. The important people found on this article were general Chai Ung Chai, vice Admiral Arthur D. Struble, Us president Harry S. Truman, and General Douglas MacArthur. The countries involved in the Korean War were Korea, United States, and China. The United states got involved because South Korea was fighting, and the UN and the United Staes sided with South Korea.

Vietnam War and the United Staes involvement

In 1964, the war escalated with the gulf of Tonkin incident, when it was said that the North Vietnamese troops started using the Ho Chi Minh Trail. The dissent ultimately caused president Johnson to withdraw from the 1968 president election. The important people in this war was president Ngo Dinh Diem, president Eisenhower, president Richard Nixon, and John F. Kennedy. The United States and Vietnam were involved in this war.

Did Containment Of Communism Work for me?

Containment of communism did not work, because it spread to whole Vietnam, Cuba, and North Korea.

Korean War Quotes:

"North Korea still remains under communist control."

"It's believed that if one country turned communist others would fall for communism."

Vietnam War Quotes:

"All Vietnam became united as a communist country."

"Vietnam remains a communist country to this day."