All About Me

By: Kayla Muir

Hobbies I Enjoy

I like to show cattle since I was little. My family has around 20-25 head of cattle on our farm. I also like to help my family on the farm. I do this every weekend I can.

Something I Do Well

A few things that I think I'm good at is showing cattle. I have been showing cattle since 3rd grade. I'm also good at making my friends laugh at me more than at my jokes or anything else.

Foods I Like

I like a lot of types of fruits. Some of them are watermelon, strawberries and many more. I also love pasta. I could eat pasta everyday and never get sick of them.


I love animals and that is why I have so many. I have 34 pets in total. All of the pets are mostly cattle except 4. Those 4 contain a dog, 2 cats, 1 bunny.

My Bestie

My best friend has been by my side since we met. We hang out all the time. I trust her and she trust me.

A Job I Would Like To Have

I would love to be a vet. I have wanted to be a vet once I really got in to the cattle. I'm pretty sure that is what I'm going to go to college for. I would just specialize in cattle but I don't think you can do that.

Your Favorite Song

I don't really have a favorite song I like all country. The most recent song that I like is High class but, I'm sure it will change.

Favorite Color

My favorite color is blue teal. I like this color because it go with almost everything.