How to Make Tons of Money$$$

Doing What you Love!

Coming Soon to The Lincoln Yoga Center-A VERY Special Event*:

Has anyone ever told you that you couldn't *possibly* make any "REAL" money doing the things you really enjoy? What if that's not really true? And what if the only thing holding you back from "Making Tons of Money Doing What You Love" are a set of limiting beliefs that you bought from your parents, society, or somewhere else?

  • -Would you be willing to give that stuff up and have a different reality with money and the life you are creating?
  • -Would you be willing to be paid ridiculously for your hobbies and what comes most easily to you?
  • -If you could learn some simple, easy-to-apply tools that could change your financial reality forever, would you choose it?

You know it's possible, yet you might be wondering how to bridge the gap...

Come spend an evening with Avram Gonzales, Entrepreneur, TEDx Speaker, and Access Consciousness™ Facilitator- and learn a set of life-changing tools that will allow you to explode your financial reality with greater ease than you could ever imagine. Avram will share how he went from being a broke college kid living at home with his parents, to generating almost 6-figures in his business a year later.

When you leave this evening workshop you will not only become more open to receiving money for your talents, gifts and abilities – you will leave with a set of tools that will allow you to move forward with Confidence and Trust to Create the life you truly desire.

Avram spends much of his time traveling and facilitating these tools in places that are asking for change and a different possibility. This is a unique opportunity to work with someone like Avram, who has not only a lot of knowledge about marketing and business, but a true sense of caring for the world and people's true gifts to shine. We are grateful to have him come to Lincoln to be with us. If you are looking to have more fun and prosperity for sharing your gifts to the world, this class is the place to be!

How to Make TONS of Money$$ Doing What YOU LOVE!

Friday, Nov. 2nd 2012 at 7-9pm

Lincoln Yoga Center, 2127 Winthrop Road, Lincoln, NE

Lincoln, NE

COST: $20

Important Registration Details:

There are TWO Ways to Register:

1. If you would like to Choose this class NOW, and take care of your Payment right away,

the Class is Only $20 and you can follow this link.

You do NOT have to have a Paypal account to take care of your payment. Any* credit card or debit card is accepted.

2. Register on the Access Consciousness website and take care of your CASH OR CREDIT payment at the door. If you are choosing this option, please make sure to arrive earlier so we can start AT 7:00. (Cash or Credit Only, No Checks).

*Please choose one of these options above, so we can hold your spot, and start on time. :-)

Option 1 will get you in the door faster and give you more time to choose your seat.*

DOORS OPEN AT 6:45PM- If you are paying at the door, please make sure to arrive early.

Questions?: This event is hosted by Amy Williams and Chandra Nicole. You may Call Amy to answer any questions at (402)-432-4221.

What is Access Consciousness™ and Who is Avram Gonzales?

Access Consciousness™ is a set of dynamic and pragmatic tools that empowers you to know what You know. Is now the time to be the Infinite Being you truly are? And to embody that greatness in every area of your life? If you lived your life as joyFull, phenomenal, and from infinite possibilities-would you be a walking, talking invitation that could Change the Whole world? What if you were one of the keys to unlocking the limitations around you?

Avram Gonzales is a modern day renaissance man, pioneer for change, and leader in creating new possibilities for entrepreneurs, artists, and Creators of Magnitude to have a rewarding path in sharing their gifts. He is a Certified Facilitator with Access Consciousness and teaches classes that empower, ranging from topics on Relationships, Money, and "Marketing A Different Possibility." He was chosen as a speaker for the TEDx series in Denver, Colorado in 2011. In 2010 he created something called "InspirAction," embarking on a year-long commitment to do something brand NEW everyday, and to video blog, or "vlog" the journey. He also loves to climb mountains with friends and travel luxuriously with his "Enjoyable Other," Nikki.


After completing your registration, will get a confirmation of payment from Paypal. You can print your confirmation and present this form at the Registration table when you walk in. If you do not get an email confirmation and you did complete the payment, please contact Amy at (402)-432-4221. Thank you for choosing more for you!