December Newsletter

Daniel Boone Spectra

Family Night Success

This was a night for us to get to know each other as a Spectra community. Entire families shared in wonderful companionship and delicious pie. It was delightful to see folks that are new to our area and those that have lived here for generations share experiences and stories.

It was just magnificent to see our community connecting! I was so excited that I went home and told my husband Paul about all the people I wished he had been there to meet. We will definitely have at least one more Family Night this year.

Spectra Parent Night

October 28th saw our 3rd annual Spectra Parent Night. Parents experienced a day in the life of their children by using some of the technology tools and learning activities that we use.

Parents used cooperative learning structures and put their communication and collaboration skills to work by partaking in a team challenge. Pairs worked together to design a fortification for an egg enabling it to survive a 12 foot drop. It was delightful to see parents working so well together to share ideas.

The PowerPoint presentation for the evening is attached below.

Friendships, a Rare Treasure

The article above gives some specific advice about gifted children and making friends. This is a good read, even if you feel like your child has plenty of friends now, it can be a helpful reference down the line.

Gifted Support Network

Based in St. Charles County, the purpose of the Gifted Support Network is to provide parents of gifted children a resource for information and support. They offer free monthly round table discussions on different topics specific to gifted children.