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Tallwood Elementary School Staff Newsletter

Week of February 22, 2016

Upcoming Events in February/March

Feb 22- PTA program Temples and Tombs

Feb 23- Va Opera 9:30 and 1:45

Feb 25- Adjusted Dismissal

Feb. 26- Learning Walks with Rosemont Forest Teachers

Feb. 29- Learning Walks with Rosemont Forest Teachers

Ma 1- Learning Walks with Rosemont Forest Teachers

Mar. 2- Anchor Schools Leadership Team meeting Laskin Annex 8:00 am

Mar 4- Progress Reports Issued

Mar 4-Learning Walks with Rosemont Forest Teachers

Mar 4- Student of the Month and Terrific Timberwolves

Mar 7- National School Breakfast, School Social Workers Week

Mar 7- 5th grade visit Planetarium

mar 8- PAC meeting

Mar 9- Young Audiences Assembly grades 3-5 2 pm

Mar 9- Parent of the Month


Mar 16- Young Audiences Assembly K-2 9 am

A BIG Thanks To...

Thank you to Geri Pattie for setting up the Google Hangout to help me figure out how to convert Google Sheets data to a graph. Now my classes can digitally graph their School Decibel data! Tamyra

Thank you to Joanne Spivey for your willingness to help with daycare. We appreciate it! Brent

This Week's PINS

Happy Birthday!

20- Stormy Bergey

28- Ann Bahr

28 Lauren Knoblauch

22 Random Acts of Kindness.

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Things We Can Learn From Kids

  1. Help – Without the help of our parents we would probably die within a few days. Unfortunately, along the way of growing up we somehow lose the capability of being able to accept any sort of help. Accepting help freaks us out. The same holds true for asking for help.

  2. Curiosity – As a kid you walk through life and ask your parents all sorts of questions. You had to spend nine months in a pretty dark place without ever seeing anything, no chance to talk to anyone or ask questions. So, it’s only natural that you want to explore and never stop discovering. Something unfortunately lost while growing up. We’re not curious anymore.

  3. New People – When you’re a kid you meet all sorts of new people and you start to play with them, hang out, or just have a good time. No regrets, not intrigues, nothing Just enjoying life. I usually hang out with the people I already know, talk about the same things over and over again and usually don’t meet new people.

  4. Hugs – Every time my niece comes over to visit, she hugs me, a real honest hug that comes from the heart. My reaction is the same every single time. I barely get such honest hugs in the adult world anymore, which makes me a little sad.

  5. Dreams – As a kid you have all sorts of dreams. You want to be an astronaut, a magician, a train conductor. As a grown up your dreams somehow evaporate as soon as you start to realize that living your dreams comes at a steep price. If you want to live your dream, you need to be able to get out of your comfort zone.

  6. Plans – When you’re a kid, you don’t have any plans. You don’t even know what you’re going to do the next day. Once you’re an adult, you start planning. You plan every minute of your life. And then, all of a sudden, you realize that your plan is not going to work out. That’s the moment you start to freak out, get depressed.

  7. Fear – Kids aren’t afraid of anything. They get on that skateboard or bicycle and enjoy the ride. They don’t worry about anything. They don’t analyze the probabilities of getting injured. They just don’t care about it. Kids know if they worry too much in advance, they’ll never do it

  8. Skills – Kids know that the only thing they can rely on are their families. Family is everything for them

Eric Davis Thanks ROFO ES
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