Much Ado About Nothing

By: William Shakespeare

Character Castings

Benedick: Vin Diesel

Benedick will be played by Vin Diesel because as shown in most of his movies, Vin can be the "loud-mouth", and pull it off very well. This is shown very well throughout the Fast and Furious Franchise. Vin also is a well respected actor, much like Benedick is in Much Ado about Nothing. I chose him mainly because he is very entertaining in almost all of his movies, and he will be able to bring that energy and entertainment to this production.

Don John: Arnold Schwarzenegger

Don John will be played by Arnold because Don John, being the illegitimate brother of Don Pedro, clearly the two cannot look alike, and Arnold and Will do not look alike at all. I choose Arnold for this role because he has a great background in movies, as well as he's very good at being the villain. This is shown in the Terminator movies, where he constantly switches between hero and villain. Another great thing about Arnold is that he's a very menacing person, along with a man of few words, so he fits Don John very well in that aspect.

Don Pedro: Will Smith

Don Pedro will be played by Will Smith because Don Pedro is a noble man, a prince as a matter of fact. He should be played by not only a good looking actor, but a talented one as well. I chose Will Smith to play Don Pedro mainly because Will Smith, having been in this little thing called The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air, he's technically already played a "Prince" so he has the experience. Smith also is very much like Don Pedro in the aspect that he is well respected, and both of them are very well spoken. So I feel Will Smith could fit the role of Don Pedro very well.

Plot: Event 1

The first major event in Much Ado about Nothing is Don Pedro and his group of friends deciding to pay a visit to Leonato, a friend of his and the Governor of Messina. This moved the plot by allowing the story to truly begin, because if the group of them never visit Messina, the story will never begin. This is important to the story not only because it allows the story's events to take place, but it also sets the scene for a great drama. A beautiful city for a juicy story, it really is a great setting for a play like this. This reveals nothing really about the characters intentions, however, it does show that Don Pedro intends to see his old friend Leonato, and that he would like to spend some time with him.

Plot: Event 2

The second major event in Much Ado about Nothing is Don Johns servant, Borachio, devising a plan to frame poor Hero, and make her look "unchaste" to both Don Pedro and Claudio, whom she is supposed to be marrying in a week. In this plan, Borachio convinces Margaret, one of Hero's noblewomen and his girlfriend, or so it seems, to have sex with him in Hero's bedroom. However, she will be dressed as Hero, without her knowing or understanding of course. Meanwhile, Don John will "discover" this, and show Don Pedro and Claudio that "Hero" is having sex with Borachio. This reveals that Don John truly has malicious intent, and he intends to prevent Claudio and Hero from getting married. This also shows that Borachio is not only cunning and smart, but also somewhat perverted in a way. This creates the main "drama" in the play, as it leads to many other key events, such as Claudio refusing Hero's hand in marriage, and to Hero "dying of shame".

Plot: Event 3

The third major event in Much Ado about Nothing is when Dogberry and Verges get Borachio to confess his evil plan that he and Don John executed. In this scene, Dogberry and Verges are attempting to get a confession out of either Borachio or Conrad, since both of them have been arrested by the guards of the estate. Borachio eventually spills the beans about his plan to Dogberry, who immediately goes to tell Leonato. He finds Leonato talking to Don Pedro and Claudio, and upon hearing this, Claudio has a massive breakdown, and wants to try to right his wrong. This is important to the story because it is the beginning of the end of the play. It leads to Claudio following Leonato's request to help right his wrong to Hero, Claudio thinking he will be marrying Hero's cousin, realizing it was actually Hero, and she did not die. This reveals that Dogberry and Verges, even though they are pretty dumb, and aren't very good at their jobs, do truly have good intents. They just aren't very good at executing these good intentions.

A song that relates

A song I believe well represents the theme of lies and deceit is Cecilia by Simon and Garfunkel. I believe this song well represents the theme due to its lyrics. The lyrics depict the singer, a man, who is deeply in love with a woman, Cecilia. However, he is unsure of whether she shares the same affection, and everyday he is less sure of her feelings. For example, the lyrics say "Celia, you're breaking my heart, You're shaking my confidence daily. Oh Cecilia, I'm down on my knees, I'm begging you please to come home." The singer is clearly in love with Celia, however, he is unsure how she feels about him, and he is becoming more worried everyday. This comparable to how Claudio felt about Hero at the beginning of the play. He knew that he loved her very much, however, he was unsure of how she felt about him. Another example of this is again shown in the lyrics, "Making love in the afternoon with Cecilia Up in my bedroom, I got up to wash my face, When I come back to bed, Someone's taken my place." The singer is clearly hurt by this, as would anyone. This is very comparable to how Claudio was hurt by seeing "Hero", although it is really Margaret, having sex with Borachio. Claudio is deeply hurt by this, so much so that he turns down her hand in marriage later because of it. All in all, this song is a good representation of the theme of lies and deceit, which is very prevalent in the play Much Ado About Nothing.