Being prepared for ZOMBIE INVASION


Places to go

1.One of the places you should go to is the Rocky Mountain is because it would be harder for the zombie to climb it.Also because you would have an advantage because your in higher land.

You are probably more likely to survive here than other places because it is harder for the zombies to climb tall mountians

Places to go

2.Another place to go is the Appalachian Highlands.Because there are lot of hills which make it harder for the zombie to eat you.Also cause you can see easily because your in higher ground level.

You are probably safe here because your in high ground level

BE PREPARED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Places to go

3.Last place you should go is to the Interior Lowlands.One of reason is because it has a lot of hills.Another reason is because it ha a lot of barns for shelter.Also it has farm animals that you can eat and get recourse from.

Here you probably have a 7/10 chance of living

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