Lives Depending on Hope

Always have hope and continue through the hardships

Joe Fighting for Hope

Hope is something we all need to have. Especially in bad situations, like my dad. My dad is in a situation were it was hard to find to find hope. He looks back on his life and realizes how grateful he was. He is any normal human being, he was born, went to college, got married, and most of all had a supporting family through his rough times. On June 17 he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer that spread to his liver and lymph nodes. In September, he spent a month and a half in the hospital with terrible infections and fighting as hard as he could. This was the hardest part on our family because we had to watch him suffer and not be able to see him. Then he was in rehab to regain his walking skills and told he could never walk with out a walker. A couple months later he is out of his walker and is able to walk but not like he could before. He has persevered through this whole situation with faith, god, and most importantly hope. The best news of all is when he first got sick his tumor marker was 3,759 and is now at 19! Joe Paciga is the strongest person I no and continues to fight through the adversity's no matter how difficult.

Justin Bieber is Coming to Change

Justin Bieber has changed through out his life time. The old Justin was looking for hope, but could never find it. The world gives him a lot of hate and he never knew how to handle it, so he felt idle. He then started to get in trouble with the law by drag racing, under age drinking, DUI, drugs, and destroying property. He never persevered, instead he just made bad choices when going through hardships. Justin stated "You need to have those mess-ups with out anyone judging you, and that's something I wasn't able to do ("

The new Justin Bieber has changed immensely and has finally found hope. Bieber even imitated "I lost hope for a while. I was in a dark place ( But now he is regaining confidence and is moving forward with his adversity's. Justin is a kindhearted person and is always working on changing his image and to persevere through the tougher times. He wants to inspire the whole world one day. Justin is trying to prove everybody wrong and show them the best side of him.

As you all know Justin Bieber's life has never been easy. But, he has always supported his beliebers (fans). Justin has been proud and disappointed but that doesn't define him. Hope and faith has gotten him through the years of his life. He has always tried to be better even through his darker days.

Oprah Winfrey's Solution for Racism

Racism has been apart of this world for a long time. It has affected many peoples lives. Now, Oprah has persevered through all of the racism that has occurred and is now resolving this problem. One problem is that our society doesn't agree with the way Oprah wants to end racism. Also, know one understands how hurtful it can be. The solution is becoming more powerful. Like Oprah stated "it's the cure that kills two birds with one stone; it simultaneously ends racism (" Also called Oprahcare. She has showed hope through her life battling racism and is now trying to end. So nobody can get hurt by the negative comments and it wouldn't affect the colored peoples confidence in this society. Oprah Winfrey is a strong and courageous person that inspires the world. She is been taught that colored people are idle but now she is eager to fight for ever colored persons rights.
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The Soul Surfer Accomplished Her Dreams

Bethany Hamilton always had a dream to become professional surfer. She is an amazing surfer and got better every day. But then something has changed her life forever. When she was surfing, her arm got bitten off by a shark. The cause of the life changing event made her dig deep inside and over come her fear. And how she wanted to be professional surfer. Thats what caused her to keep going. The effect of this incident was how she had to persevere and be combative to be able to get back in the water. Also, with her life ahead of her, hope helped her accomplish her dreams. She even stated "My plans to become a professional professional surfer got hit pretty hard that halloween morning. It was my own personal tsunami. In the days, weeks, and moths to follow, I had a lot of cleaning up to do. Often, it was scary or trying. And I won't lie to you: somedays it still is. I've worked really hard to become a pro surfer, and now i'm competing with the best women surfers in the world (" So, she kept trying, if she fell she would get back up and start over. She felt inadequate because she only had one arm. When Bethany kept working hard, her result were being one of the best surfers and show the world how she kept trying. She finally became professional and proves whatever you do you have to hope.
Bethany Hamilton: Shark Attack--The Real Story

Talia Joy's Brave Soul

Talia Joy was a positive, funny, loyal, and caring person to be around. She had cancer for 7 years and was battling as hard as she could. To being told she had not many years to live, she fought through the pain. She was very successful with youtube, cover girl, and tv interviews. She has been put in the hospital many times, but one day she had to be rushed to the hospital. She states “I’m just living life as I can … sometimes it’ll hit me and I cry that I have two types of cancer and nothing (no treatment) can really control it anymore, but I’m going to do all the things I ever wanted to do and live while I can,(" The only thing she could do was hope, pray, and wait. She was very weak and tired all the time. She was determined with all the love from her family and friends she could get better. So many people were there for her and that helped her. She was so scared and tried not to show. She put up a good fight and stayed strong. But, a couple weeks later, Talia Joy had died and won't be in pain anymore. She has truly inspired peoples lives and will forever carry on a legacy.
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