AVID Fall Exam

Nyanna Tillis 1-11-16 7th

Cornell Note-Taking

One of the AVID skills I learned was Cornell note-taking. Cornell notes are a great way to study and stay organized. Also, to help you prepare for college.

Pictures: http://fmsavid.weebly.com/cornell-notes.html


TRF's are a organized way to sign up for tutorials. They are a really good way for us to help each other with our questions. Also, if done correctly, will help boost your grade.

Picture: http://fmsavid.weebly.com/tutorials-and-trfs.html

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Public Speaking

Public Speaking is a big part of AVID. When we do for example Memoirs we present to the class. Since we make a presentation out of the essay, our 'public speaking' is part of our grade as well.

Picture: https://www.coursera.org/learn/public-speaking

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Being in AVID really helps you with getting better at being organized. When we take binder checks, we shake our binders upside while holding on to the rings a certain way. We do this to make sure we do not break the binder.

Picture: https://www.pinterest.com/katherinekrueg/office-organization/

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Tutorials are a pretty big deal in AVID. We do them twice a week-Tuesday and Thursday, along with our TRF's. We also do these tutorials in groups.

Picture: http://cjonline.com/news/2013-05-18/avid-program-college-bound-students-growing

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Social Skills

AVID also helps with social skills. My social skills are good, i just don't really like to talk. AVID helps us with these skills when we have a new student and we need to show them around.

Picture: http://www.atl-spectrum.com/socialgroupsactivities.html

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My Anticipation


Next semester I'm going to work on my organization skills because I'm starting to get lazy. I'm also going to work on my procrastinating on my homework. I'm also going to work on my studying.