Need a Car Santa?

Well you might of just found the perfect one

Meet the Jingle bell car

This is the new car Jingle bell, with its color red you won't need rudolph anymore because this car will shine red all the time. This car may be small but it's still durable you can move it through the snow with it's four wheel drive! with this new car you will "Jingle all the way"
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Now with the new and improved tools!

SHHH! The Jingle bell is here to help you deliver those presents quickly and quietly through the night!

If someone happened to wake up the car will give out a magical dust and make them fall asleep and forget everything they saw, magical right?

Is your beard all tangled? Not to worry! in the car there is a beard untangler button! Whoa!

Kids didn't give you enough cookies ? well ( you guessed it ) a cookie maker!! just for you Santa!

Back cramp? well our seats are made just for massaging you back, can't have a back cramp while delivering presents

Get the car today !

Get the car today while we have the 30% off sale

Right now with the discount it's only at $12,673

Hurry before it goes away!

Trust us you will need this car! right now there is no other car out there like ours! we are voted #1 in the world for best Sleigh like car!

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So come on down and get your Jingle bell on!
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