The 2015 MTV Movie Awards.

Why does the MTV movie awards benefit us

What is where

The 2015 MTV Movie awards were being held in Los Angeles . The MTV Movie Awards were an opportunity For movies stars, not necessarily in the academy to win awards for non Oscar nominated movies . This gives many opportunities to give young actors and actresses to get recognition in movies. Some patterns that occur throughout this whole event are that. This spectacular event was held in the Microsoft Theater. Opening the show was Amy Schumer, known for her role in the comedy Trainwreak.

Why there

The Microsoft theater was a good place to host the award show because it it is located in Los Angeles California, Near Hollywood where a lot of movies are filmed. Meaning many Famous people that would attend the show, would most likely have some sort of condo or house near that area because of all the filming they would need to do. It is also just a good time and place to have it in terms of seasons because it is in the spring where its not too hot and defiantly not cold. The temperature is roughly between 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit which makes it a good tourist destination. A pattern shown is that since there are more people living in that area it creates a lot if buzz and talk about it, which makes it a good post because of all the different evens that have happened there over the years.

Why Care

Reasons we should care about the awards is that they are always held in the same location making it a good time to revolve visits to Los Angeles in terms of attending the award show or scheduling in a less busy of a time. People really enjoy watching events like these because it units people by a bond of interests. These shows are also very good distractions from problems that are currently happening in our world today. It also brings things like good transit and better tourist rates into California which would better there economy.
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