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WPE Community Newsletter - Week of April 18

Message from the Principal

Good Afternoon Whispering Pines Families,

Good Afternoon and I hope this three day weekend has been filled with all things wonderful. We are looking forward to another week with your children. This week brings Kindergarten Round-up and Super Kids Day on Friday. If any neighbors or friends that are zoned to WPE will be Kinder ready please pass along the invitation to them. Kinder Round-up is Thursday, April 21 at 5:30-6:30pm. We hope to see a large crowd and meet 'our soon to be" Kinder students.

I would like to also address some safety items related to arrival and dismissal. Early last week we had a serious incident happen in the morning. Three brothers were walking to school and the two youngest were hit by a car that was exiting the WPE parking lot while the boys were crossing on the crosswalk. We are very thankful that while the boys had bumps and bruises they were released from the hospital the same day and are back in school. This could have ended much worse. Please make sure you are keeping VERY alert at all times for our students especially in severe weather as staff will not be on duty at the crosswalk. Having a discussion with your children about how to keep themselves safe is an on-going topic and will help prevent injuries. Check out the school safety section of the newsletter below.

Thank you,

Wendy Anaya, Principal

Whispering Pines Elementary


April 21- Kindergarten Round-up 5:30-6:30pm

April 22 - Super Kids Day

April 23 - Science Olympiad Competition

April 27- Math Olympiad Competition

April 27 - Administrative Professionals Day

April 28 - Senior Class of 2022: Donuts and Diplomas

April 30 - Humble ISD Fine Arts Festival

May 2- 6 - Teacher Appreciation Week (more information to follow)

May 10-13 and 17-20 - STAAR Testing

Thank you Neighborhood WalMart on Will Clayton Pkwy

Neighborhood WalMart donated $100 to our school for candy for our Egg-grams that went out to students on Thursday. Thank you so much for your continued support.



As a reminder cell phones are not allowed to be used during the day. Once a student walks through the doors the phones must be turned off and put in their backpacks until we walk out of the door for dismissal. Students using their cell phone during the day will have it taken up and placed with the Assistant Principal or Principal for parents to come and pick up. This includes watches that have text and call ability. Thank you for your help.


Please remember that the front entrance is for Daycare and buses ONLY. We will redirect you to the car rider line. When parents come to pickup their "walker" in the front it clogs up the area and the buses and daycares can not get through.


We have many children continuing to arrive after the tardy bell and are missing instruction. Please bring your children to school by 7:45 am if you want them to eat breakfast and leave them the entire day so we can insure they are receiving instruction in all content areas. When they arrive at 8:30 they have missed a lesson. Thank you!


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get your child to school by 7:45 if you would like them to eat breakfast! We are serving all children breakfast this year. If you want your child to eat at school please get them here by 7:45am so they have time to eat their breakfast before we start class at 8:00. We have many students coming right at 8:00 and then wanting to eat breakfast. We don't want them to miss instruction time.


Our children all love the Panda Mart! Panda Bucks are like gold and they earn them through great behavior and great work and showing Panda Pride. However we could use your help. We can't pay for these items through Title 1 funds so we rely on our teachers and families to make donations. Please check out the link to the Amazon Wish List for items you can donate to the Panda Mart. COME ON....HELP A PANDA OUT!

School Safety

Make each trip a safe one! Together we can keep our children safe as they travel to and from school.

If you’re a DRIVER:

• Follow the speed limit.

• Be alert for children in the school zones

• Set a good example for children. If you park opposite the school, cross the street with care. Stop at the curb, look left-right-left before crossing and keep looking as you cross

• Reduce traffic congestion and keep children visible. Do not double-park, stop in crosswalks, or interfere with school buses when you drop off or pick up your child

If your child WALKS TO SCHOOL:

• Discuss the safest route to and from school

• Teach children to stop, look and listen before crossing, even if the pedestrian signal shows the white figure walking

• When crossing, children should walk, not run, and should keep scanning for turning vehicles while crossing

• Talk about why it is safer to cross at school crosswalks

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Counselor Corner:

Great 8 Skill for this quarter is Relationship Skills

College/Career Readiness Skill is Arts/Humanities

Please view our 4th Quarter Counseling Newsletter to find out more information about what's happening with guidance, counseling and middle school transition.

Social Media and Gaming are a great way to connect with others, make friends, share memories and get restaurant recommendations. But how much is too much? How can we connect online and still connect IRL (in real life)? Join us as we discuss how to balance social media and gaming. Check out the parent informational meeting on 4/18/22 Parent U: Social Media and Gaming

Attention Fifth Grade Parents

Course selection has been completed with our incoming 6th grade student. You will receive an email from the district with a unique code to access Naviance and approve your child's plan. We have included instructions on how to reset your passwords Naviance Parent Password Reset and a tutorial for how to approve plans in Naviance can be found here.

You will have the opportunity to make changes to your student’s courses for the upcoming year in April and May during Course verification. Nevertheless, if you would like to update the current plan at this time, or have any questions please reach out to your child's future middle school counselor.

Humble Middle School Counselors

A-DIE: Alicia Narcisse-, 281-641-4081

DIF-LAB: Erin Gutierrez-, 281-641-4086

LAC-RAM: Maria Ingram-, 281-641-4047

RAN-Z: Melissa Gomez-, 281-641-4082

Elain Dabney

WPE School Counselor



There is a rough stomach virus going around. The symptoms are nausea, vomiting and/or diarrhea. Please keep your student home if they are showing signs of illness.

This weekend is a perfect time to wipe down backpacks and lunch kits. These items carry around so many germs from being placed on the floor and then get on little hands. Encouraging your students to frequently wash their hands, keep their hands out of their mouth, and use hand sanitizer when needed is one way to help prevent the spread of illnesses. We want to finish out the school year strong and healthy!!

Nurse Lindsey


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Humble ISD residents who are registered voters may vote in the 2022 School Bond Election beginning on Monday, April 25. Please view the WPE Bond Fact Sheet and When and Where to Vote.

Bond 2022 Website | Bond 2022 Video

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Camp Invention Summer

Camp Invention Calling all curious kids entering kindergarten-6th grade! Join Advanced Learning & Services for a confidence-boosting STEM summer camp where kids build creative inventions and lasting friendships. Led by Humble ISD educators, our camp offers exciting hands-on activities. We will have double the fun this year with the opportunity to experience Camp Invention twice – join us for one or two weeks! To find out more information and to register, visit:
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