LEAD Innovation Studio

Vol. 4, Issue 6 - September 25, 2020


We are wrapping up our 3rd week of school and in many ways it feels that we are settling in to our new "normal". In walking through classrooms, I have been so impressed with the level of engagement, and positivity from students. The wearing of masks, and the distancing of students creates some barriers to connection. Our staff and students have been doing a great job of maintaining these and other precautions - like sanitizing and hand washing, to keep all of us safe. Through all those precautions and the challenges they can present - we are seeing great learning and collaboration happening. For our online students we are also seeing high levels of engagement. Through all challenges we are working through right now, I want to say thank you to our team at LEAD, and our students and families for patience, flexibility, and hard work. I am so proud to be a part of such an incredible community.

Schedule for 9/28 -10/2

Monday: In person day for last name A-K

Tuesday: In person day for last name L-Z

Wednesday: Distance learning day for all

Thursday: In person day for last name A-K

Friday: In person day for last name L-Z

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Grades/ Checking Progress for your Student

Please see details below for in-person and online grade and progress monitoring:

In-Person: to check your student's progress for in-person learning, please go to Summit to see your student's dashboard. If you do not have log on information - please let us know and we can get that to you. You can also ask your student to show you their Summit dashboard - the "year" view gives a great snapshot. To learn more about what to look for (and questions to ask your student) view the brief parent onboarding videos below.

Online: to check your student's progress for online learning you need to view student grades in Infinite Campus. Some select classes have had some technical issues with grades posting from Schoology - we are working to resolve that. If you don't see grades entered in Infinite Campus, you can see progress in Schoology. We can support with parent access to both Infinite Campus and Schoology if needed - in the meantime, your student can show you their Schoology and Infinite Campus information.

As always - please monitor your student's progress, ask them about their goals and plans, and reach out with questions or concerns to your student's facilitator, mentor, counselor, or administrator. Mrs. Graham can support with questions regarding access to any of the platforms (grahamt@parkhill.k12.mo.us).


Hello, my name is Melody Villalobos and I am the A+ Liaison for our A+ LEAD students. All of the A+ documentation and volunteer hours go to home high schools and are documented there, but I am here at LEAD to make sure that all families get the information they need, and that any paperwork your student brings to school gets to the home high school efficiently.

To get access to important documents and updated A+ information from both schools, please encourage your student to join the A+ LEAD group on Schoology. To join, please do the following:

  • Open Schoology
  • Click Groups
  • To the right, click My Groups and then click Join
  • Enter this Code GCJ4-52XD-8975F
  • I will approve and then you and your student will have access to the group and the information.

Freshmen A+ families, after you have signed and returned the A+ agreement, your student will need to sign up for a training with their high school. They must complete the training before they can begin their volunteer hours. You will find information and links to those trainings in the A+ LEAD group. You can also find that same information at your home high school's website.

If you are a Park Hill student, A+ is found on their website under the "About our School" tab. If you are a Park Hill South student, you will find this information under the "Your Resources" and then "Student Resources" tab.

Please feel free to reach out to me at villalobosm@parkhill.k12.mo.us with questions.

LEAD Parent/Guardian Survey

Hello, LEAD Innovation Studio parents/guardians!

The LEAD School Counseling Department would love your input. If you would like to participate, please fill out this short survey:

Fill out form

Thank you so much,

LEAD Counselors

Amanda Shanks (Last Names A-K)

Rachel Colvin (Last Names L-Z)

Senior ACT Test: Tuesday, October 6th

The week of October 5-9, we will change our schedule to make it possible for all our seniors to take the ACT.

We provide this important benefit to all students, and the senior class missed out on it last spring due to the pandemic. We will need the whole building in order to physically distance the seniors, so the schedule change will need to affect everyone at our school. Tuesday, Oct. 6 was the only date option that ACT provided for us this fall to make up the test day, and they could not give us a Wednesday.

New Schedule (image of schedule below):

  • Monday, October 5 – A group in person, B group distance learning
  • Tuesday, October 6 – Seniors take the ACT, all other students distance learning
  • Wednesday, October 7 – B group in person, A group distance learning
  • Thursday, October 8 – A group in person, B group distance learning
  • Friday, October 9 – B group in person, A group distance learning

Thank you for your patience with another change, as we work to meet all our students’ needs.

For a detailed account of ACT Test Day, click on the link below (ACT Communication for Seniors).

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The COVID-19 pandemic has been a difficult time for many families. There are a number of resources available to students and families to help support you. If your family could benefit from resources at this time, please fill out this resource request form- https://forms.gle/yA9BPKqY9CzUwwqQ8 . I am happy to provide a paper form by request. All information received and any service provided is kept strictly confidential. You may contact Betsy Chociej, LEAD School Social Worker, at ChociejE@parkhill.k12.mo.us or at (816) 359-6417. I look forward to working with your family!

Thank you,

Betsy Chociej, LCSW

School Social Worker

Park Hill Clothing Center

The Park Hill Clothing Center would like to thank all of the families who have contributed to our facility. For anyone not familiar with the clothing center there is more information here: https://www.parkhill.k12.mo.us/parent_resources/pta_clothing_center

There have been some changes due to Covid-19. The biggest change is that we must limit the number of people in the building. Therefore if you need to “shop” (the clothes are free) please sign up for a time slot using the link above.

Volunteers are greatly needed! We have been fortunate to have received numerous donations, however we’ve had a difficult time hanging up all of the incoming clothes with very few volunteers. If anyone has 1-2 hours to contribute we would greatly appreciate it. The above link also has a link for volunteers. New dates are periodically added so keep checking back.

Thank you for all of your help!

-The Park Hill Clothing Center


ATTENTION STUDENTS! LEAD is excited to offer Clubs for the 2020-2021 School year. Clubs will run on the following dates:

Oct 13 and 15

Nov 10 and 12

Dec 8 and 10

Jan 12 and 14

Feb 9 and 11

March 9 and 11

April 13 and 15

May11 and 13

Club meetings will last until 4:15 pm on the days listed above. If you are a car rider please have your ride here by 4:15 pm. If you need to take the bus, you will sign up by October 5th using this form https://forms.gle/o8jnCTBunC1uo6oCA

The bus will not be at LEAD until 4:50 pm on those dates (they are still running their elementary routes). You will come to the commons at 4:15 pm to wait for your bus to arrive to LEAD. You can work on homework while you wait 😊

Please understand that you must sign up each time you need a ride. The link will reappear in our announcements for you to do so. You must sign up by the date listed. If you do not sign up in time, you will not be able to ride the bus. The reason it is so far in advance is that we have to give the bus company notice so they can plan the routes.

Now for the fun part… To sign up for a club, please either see the sponsor or email the sponsor and tell them you would like to join. See below for the sponsor’s name and a description of the club.

  • Freshmen Leadership Club- Freshmen can participate in the Chick-fil-a leader academy where they focus on learning how to become a better leader through monthly sessions, and will design and implement service projects at least once each semester. See Mr. Blanton to join!
  • Yearbook-We will produce and publish the LEAD yearbook (May need teacher recommendation to join.) See Mrs. Farber for more information.
  • Literary Magazine-We will produce and publish the LEAD literary magazine. See Mrs. Farber for more information.
  • GSA-Student-Run organizations that unite LGBTQ+ and allied youth to build community and organize around issues impacting them in their schools and communities. See Ms. Van Bleisem to join!
  • AP Research-Students enrolled in Spring Semester AP Research to get started on their Research projects, practice skills, and getting things done in preparation for final paper and presentation by April 30, 2021. See Mr. Motta to join.
  • Gaming-We meet to play video games, board games, and card games. See Mr. Motta to join!
  • Interact Club-Within this service club students will have the opportunity to interact and give back to the community. Ideas include: pen pals with nursing home, adopt a spot on school grounds, and hygiene products drive collection. See Ms. Carter to join!


The PSAT will be offered October 14th at the home high schools. This test is an optional test for sophomore and junior students looking for an opportunity to earn national recognition as a merit scholar. You will receive information by email from the home high schools on how to sign up. If you have any questions please contact Mrs. Eisenmenger at eisenmengers@parkhill.k12.mo.us.


If you have requested a LEAD parking pass but have not received one yet, please make sure you have provided the following:

  • Copy of drivers license
  • Copy of Missouri registration
  • Copy of proof of insurance
These items MUST accompany the "Vehicle Registration Form" (link below).

Parking spots are now available for sophomores. Please follow the process above to purchase a parking pass. All forms can be submitted to Mrs. Graham in the front office. If you have electronic copies of the above documents, please email them to grahamt@parkhill.k12.mo.us.

In order to pay for a LEAD parking sticker, please do the following: Go to Infinite Campus: select Fees → My Account→ Optional Payments → Add to Cart.


To drive to off campus classes, LEAD students must submit the following permission slip. This includes music classes at the home high schools and other programs such as NCC, NCAPS, and MCC-BTC. This school year, LEAD students will not be allowed to transport other students at any time in their cars to any of these off campus classes or programs. Please email the completed form to OffieldA@parkhll.k12.mo.us


On October 19 and 20, Reed Portrait group will be here for student pictures. Those students who are in person will be photographed both of these days. Students who are fully online will have theirs taken after school hours on October 19. There will be a sign up coming soon to schedule an appointment. For those appointments, only students will be allowed in the building.


If you purchased a yearbook from Park Hill High School and have not received it yet, you may pick those up at the front desk at PHHS.

Students who purchased LEAD yearbooks last year should have received their yearbook this week. Students who are PH Online, may schedule a time to come pick up their yearbook after school hours. If you don't remember if you purchased a 2019-20 yearbook, or would like to purchase one, please email grahamt@parkhill.k12.mo.us. We do have extra copies of you would like to purchase a 2019-20 yearbook.

We are now selling 2020-21 LEAD yearbooks. You can purchase yours for $15 through Infinite Campus. To do this: select "fees" > My Account > Optional Payments > Add to cart.