2015 Christmas Letter

December 2015

Seasons Greetings! St. Louis has been warm but Christmas-like weather is coming soon. As per last year, we will have our newsletter posted on Facebook.

Elliott had a good year as Group Sales Rep for the St. Louis Cardinals but he needed a change. In November he began working for Cushman & Wakefield. He also received his realtor license and works as a Realtor for Keller Williams Realty. We enjoyed many free baseball tickets from our favorite son but next year we will share a ticket plan with Elliott so will still see many games. Elliott had big news over the summer announcing his engagement to Brooke. Say prayers for Brooke as she will need all the help she can get trying to handle this man-child.

In August, Angela started her junior year at Morehead State University. She continues to do well in her Sports Management classes. She is moving into an on campus apartment so we now have yet another small refrigerator and microwave in our house. Perhaps we can regift these over Christmas. Over the summer Angela kept busy babysitting, working for the Cardinals and working at Six Flags. The rest of her time she was spending this money. No need to save for the schoolyear. But we are happy that she is home for the holidays.

Angela plays soccer for the MSU team and had another good season. They lost in the semifinals of the conference tournament so no NCAAs this year. She enjoyed her games at U of Wyoming and Air Force where relatives were able to attend. She also played games in South Carolina where the team relaxed on the beach. Lastly, MSU had another victory over BGSU which makes Don happy.

Linda and Don spent their vacations following the MSU team around the countryside with stops in Kentucky, Illinois and Tennessee. This occupied almost 3 months of weekends and it was great (mostly). An extended weekend in Nashville was great fun attending the various live music venues. They also attended many craft beer events over the summer. This is a trend that should continue into 2016.

Don is still the Recruiting Manager at Exegy, an engineering company. Linda continues her career with the STL Special School District.

Linda and Don found time throughout the year to attend rock concerts of the 70s and 80s variety including Dennis DeYoung, Steely Dan, Elvis Costello, Steve Miller, Pat Benatar, Yes, Toto, Toadies, Fuel and Everclear. Don’s old friend Wiz Khalifa was in town but Don had to settle with meeting him for drinks (not really). In addition to all of this, we were able to attend games featuring the US Women’s Soccer team and the US Men’s Soccer team.

For the holiday season, we will attend a Christmas Eve party with some of Linda’s family and enjoy Christmas Day with Linda’s family. We plan to be in Bryan OH for a few days. That’s it for now. May your holiday season be joyous, safe and fun.

Linda, Don, Elliott, and Angela Black