Fall 2017 Vendor Letter

Community Education Fall 2017 Brochure

Dear Contract Services Vendors/Instructors,

We are compiling class information for our Fall 2017 Community Education Brochure. Fall classes may be scheduled from September 25 through December 15, 2017. These dates allow for the planning of one 10-week session (max). In order to meet our deadlines, we must have all information for fall classes in our office by June 2, 2017. The Fall 2017 brochure will be mailed during the first week of August.

As most of you are aware, the Community Education Center will be closing at the end of August 2017. The building is scheduled for demolition in October/November 2017. Our offices will be relocated to the Educational Services Center (ESC) located at 850 Ladd Rd., Building D, Walled Lake, 48390.

With the loss of the Community Education Center, we will be unable to provide class locations for some of our daytime programs. After-School programming will continue as usual. We will keep you updated as we receive more details.

*The Business Office has requested updated signed contracts from all vendors. We will be updating contracts and will get them to you as soon as possible (for the time period of July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018).

When scheduling, please take into consideration the following dates:

· June 2, 2017 WLCE Fall class information deadline

· August 4, 2017 Brochure mailed to 65,000+ homes and businesses

· September 25, 2017 WLCE Fall classes begin

· December 15, 2017 WLCE Fall classes end

Since our 2017-18 District Calendar is not available, PLEASE NOTE that there may be some changes made to your scheduled classes in the event of a non-school day for students.

As directed by the State of Michigan Department of Education, all individuals who come in contact with students (grades K-12) will need to be fingerprinted. Please review the attached vendor handbook for details.

Please note: Invoicing (with class dates and class numbers) should be submitted as soon as possible to expedite payment. Please read through the attached Vendor Handbook and complete the Instructor Questionnaire (this form MUST be used) and return to WLCE no later than June 2, 2017. The questionnaire may be faxed to us at 248-956-5005 or by email to sandygeorge@wlcsd.org.

If you have any questions, please contact us weekdays between 8:30am and 5:00pm at 248-956-5000. Thank you for your cooperation in helping us to meet our deadlines.

Thank you for choosing Walled Lake Community Education,

Sandy George

Recreation Coordinator