Love Story

Directed by: Camila Martins


First day:
The girl is at the park listening to music and writing on her diary, when the boy comes and sit with her. He is studying and he's looking at her all the time waiting for the right time to talk to her. Then, he says:
Nice day, aye?
But she didn't answer, so he asks:
Can you borrow me your pen?
But she didn't answer so he makes a gesture to her pen, and then she gives the pen to him.

Second day:

He arrived first at the park, and start to be worried about her.
But she arrives with the head phone on her ears, then he asks:
Can I listen to your music?
She shows the head phones and didn't answer his question. And he write on the paper and then, they start to talk by papers.

The Last

If you want to know how is the end of this body language story, see our video to discouver!!

Characteres: Clara Ferreira e Bernardo Ávila

Group: Alan, Bernardo, Camila, Clara, Gabriel Ricardo, Joana, Júlia, Lívia, Luiza e Natálya.

Love Language - Love story