Prevent Suicide!

It's not the answer.

What is depression?

It's not just going through a tough time or just feeling upset. It is a constant feeling of sadness, discouragement, and hopelessness. This is what leads to suicide.

Don't Do It

Symptoms of Suicide

You will be gone forever if you commit suicide. There will be no more, its a permanent solution for a short term problem.

Symptoms of Depression

Some teenagers that may depressed can possibly, stop going out, not get work done, avoid friends and family, overuse drugs and/or alcohol, stop doing things that they enjoy, find it hard to concentrate, stay in bed, get upset over small things or attempt self harm.

The Physical and Emotional Changes When Depressed

Some Emotional changes can include: feeling overwhelmed, feeling guilty, feeling indecisive, feeling irritable, feeling disappointed, feeling frustrated, being miserable, have a lack or no confidence, or even feeling sad.

Some Physical changes include: feeling tired all the time, feeling run down, experience headaches or sore muscles, experience upset stomach, have difficulty sleeping, sleeping too much, having a poor appetite, increase in appetite, or having low energy.

There may be changes in thoughts like saying, "I am a failure" which is another change in your emotional health.


This can include psychotherapy, this is where adolescents and children can develop new coping skills, and explore what really hurts them.

Another type of treatment can be treatment, this includes anti-depressants that that an treat symptoms of depression.

If you need help immediately call: 1-800-273-8255 the Suicide Hotline