Anchored In Learning

Our Week in 3rd Grade GATE

Curriculum Updates

This week in math

During Math, students have been:

-completing the Allen ISD 3rd Grade Beginning of the Year Screening

-previewing addition and subtraction by taking a pre-test in order to guide instruction and planning for the next few weeks

This Week in science

During Science, students have been:

-exploring the beginning stages of the three phases of matter: solid, liquid, and gas

This Week in Writing

During Writing, students have been:

-practicing personal narratives while writing their Beginning of the Year Allen ISD Writing Portfolio sample about a special place

This week in Reading

During Reading, students have been:

-exploring different characteristics and attributes of genres

This Week In Spelling/Word Work

During Spelling, students have been:

-creating and using words with "r-controlled vowels": /ar/, /or/, /er/, /ir/, & /ur/

This Week in Social Studies

During Social Studies, students have been:

-participating in Celebrate Freedom week by learning and discussing the importance ideas in our nation's historical documents

Gifted Extensions

Technology Time

We had a blast this week learning about the app "Padlet"! We reflected on some Social Studies questions centered around Celebrate Freedom Week, typed in our answers, and shared our thinking!

Growth Mindset

After taking a quick quiz, we learned whether or not our brains are geared more towards a fixed or growth mindset-- all while realizing that it's never too late to change! :)

Genius Hour

Continuing on our introduction to Genius Hour, students honed in on a specific topic while creating a guiding question. Next week, we will have student/teacher conferences to solidify our projects before we begin on our first Genius Hour journey!

Maker's Space

Figuring out the job of scientists, technicians, engineers, artists, and mathematicians was the theme this week. We then walked through and outlined the STEAM process while recording information in our notebooks.

Other "Odds & Ends"

Room Parents Wanted!

Ms. Hubbard & Mrs. Relle are in search of Room Parents for the 2016-17 school year. If you're interested in helping out with class parties and other classroom activities, please let us know and we'll pass along your information to the PTA!

(Don't have TONS of time but still interested? Just let us know and we could maybe even arrange "co-room parents" so you'll have a partner to help!)

Thanks in advance!

3rd Grade Class Shirts

3rd graders came home with a teal page Thursday afternoon in their binders. Please look it over for important information about our class shirts (which will be worn to assemblies and on field trips), complete the bottom half, and return it with $10 cash by Friday, September 23. Thanks!