Types of cases


Types of civil cases and contracts and private agreements

Citizens file new lawsuits in United states courts every day. Most suits fell into five broad categories (disputes about contracts and private agreement ,property damage clam,domestic relations,consumer protection issue,personal inherits etc.) courts treat contracts or agreements as if they're laws.

Personal injury or property damage and disagreements over property.

Personal injurys and torts account for nearly 40% of all civil cases filed. A tort is a damage coused to one person, someone who cause damage is legally responsible. A tort can be intentonal, such as an angry punch in the nose. Example someone beats you up and physically injurs you. Dissagreement and property: Cival laws also have to deal with disagreement about things people own called property. Example common property dissagreements about land or buildings.

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Consumer protection:Domestic relations

Consumer protection. Consumers are like average people who buy things to own or use consumer protection laws stop manufactories make claims about their products that are false you as a consumer can take them to court.Domestic-relations laws regulate disagreements among family members Family disputes include:divorce,adoption,and child custody.