Capstone for Seniors

Deadline Coming - February 17th!


Mission: The purpose of the Phoenix Capstone is to provide graduates of Rock Ridge with meaningful experiences, self-fulfillment, and opportunities for post-secondary success through civic engagement and career exploration.

Summary: On April 15th and 26th and from May 15, 2023 to June 1, 2023 qualifying seniors are excused from classes to pursue a community service project or career development opportunity. Students must complete a total of 50 hours at their host site from May 15th to June 1st.

Community service projects can range from hands-on experiences to administrative work. Career development opportunities can range from internships to job shadowing. Students have discretion in choosing their project as long as the project will provide an authentic experience.

All participants are required to find a community sponsor for their project. The community sponsor should be an expert in the content field and a person who will be responsible for guiding students during their Capstone experience. The Phoenix Capstone Team must approve all Capstone experiences.

If you are seeking a sponsor or have questions, please reach out to Ms. Marchante in the Career Center.

Timeline and deadlines

December: December 9th Seniors will have a class meeting during the activity block to learn more about Capstone.

January: Students may start conferencing with teachers/advisors concerning potential Capstone placements.


  • Feb 17th: submit forms through the Career Center or English class (signed agreement form and sponsor Google form—HARD DEADLINE)


  • March 9th Capstone Committee will verify Capstone sponsors.


  • 12th Capstone participant meeting before school
  • 13tth Capstone participant meeting after school
  • 18th Eligibility forms are due to career center
  • 19th-21s review your assigned also a stained eligibility forms.
  • 25th and 26st: Orientation Capstone days in the field (these hours count toward the required 50 hrs.)
  • 27th Orientation assignments are due to your Phoenix Capstone Team


  • 5th Eligibility form and schedule are due to Phoenix Capstone Team
  • 8th Phoenix Capstone teams meets 8:30am
  • 15th Capstone experience
  • 22nd Mid-Point Evaluation reflection with Community Sponsor (this does not need to be handed in to the Phoenix Capstone Team)


  • 1st Capstone Gala and Senior Awards night