March - April Newsletter

7th Grade

Spring time is almost here!

Spring is about here and that means a few things, the time springs forward, everyone gets to enjoy a spring break and some great new intercession offerings, and CMAS testing begins in April. Here are the current units of inquiry for your grade level and some other information you may find helpful.
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CMAS Testing

CMAS begins the week of April 9th and will be completed on April 20th. A few things to keep in mind for testing:

  • Make sure students get a good night's sleep
  • Have students eat a good breakfast each morning
  • Strive for good attendance and being at school on time
  • Encourage student's best effort, we want them to show what they know!

Current Units of Inquiry

Language and Literature

Unit Title: Anne Frank

Key Concept: Communication

Related Concepts: Point of View

Global Context Exploration: Civilizations and social histories, heritage; pilgrimage, migration, displacement and exchange

Statement of Inquiry: Students will understand that communication and point of view influence social histories.

Summative Assessment: Students will write a journal from the perspective of one of the characters in the Diary of Anne Frank.


Unit Title: Mi Casa

Key Concept: Communication

Related Concepts: Patterns, Word Choice, and Message

Global Context Exploration: Natural and human landscapes and resources

Statement of Inquiry: Using communication to describe living structures can vary based on orientation in space and time.

Summative Assessment:

G- Students will create a plan of their own home, using vocabulary and grammar learned in the unit.

R- Students will be writing as Real Estate agents.
A- The audience will be prospective home buyers.
S- The real estate market has just improved for buyers. Your responsibility is to convince buyers to purchase your home.
P- A plan of their own home either computer generated or hand drawn. Students must use 20 unit vocabulary words, making comparisons,the superlative, the verbs ser, tener, and estar.
S- Criterion A and D

Individuals and Societies

Unit Title: Unit 5 - Asia

Key Concept: Systems

Related Concepts: Sustainability, Trade, and Consumption.

Global Context Exploration: Markets, commodities and commercialization

Statement of Inquiry: The distribution of resources affects economic choices.

Summative Assessment: Under Construction!


Unit under Conctruction!


Unit Under Construction!


Unit Title: Not That Kind of Drama!

Key Concept: Aesthetics

Related Concepts: Innovation, and Play

Global Context Exploration: Artistry, craft, creation, beauty

Statement of Inquiry: Personal and cultural expression develops aesthetic through play with various medium.

Summative Assessment: Students will complete a variety of activities with their plays including costuming and set design.

Instrumental Music

Unit Title: My Culture Through Music

Key Concept: Aesthetics

Related Concepts: Narrative

Global Context Exploration: Personal and Cultural Expression

Statement of Inquiry: Students will understand that aesthetics and narrative impacts personal and cultural expression.

Summative Assessment:


Unit Title: Movement and adaptation

Key Concept: Change

Related Concepts: Energy

Global Context Exploration: Inequality, difference and inclusion

Statement of Inquiry: Knowing and understanding concepts of movement and skill mechanics can improve performance in a specific skill, and provide the foundation for transfer of skills in a variety of lifelong activities.

Summative Assessment: Unit Under Construction!


Unit Title: Animated

Key Concept: Perspective

Related Concepts: Adaptation

Global Context Exploration: Digital life, virtual environments and the Information Age

Statement of Inquiry: The perspective of the digital media user can relate and adapt to social media as it changes throughout the years.

Summative Assessment:

To understand the process of evaluating and testing products for success by creating a stop motion animation using Google Slides that is creative, original, and complex. Students are the producers, writers, and directors of their own stop motion animated movie. Students will research some information about stop motion animation and then apply their research to the creation of their own original stop motion animation. Students will need to look into creating a test for the success of their animation. This means that they will need to explore how to test the success of a creative work because creative work is inherently subjective and how they can evaluate creative work meaningfully.

Futures Week!

Our first annual futures week held some new and fun opportunities for the students!
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