Facts and Information about Depression in Teenagers

Facts about Depression

-At least 20% of teens are said to deal with some form of depression before they reach adulthood

-About 30% of teens with depression also develop a substance abuse problem

-More than 19 million Americans (not just teenagers) suffer from clinical depression

-90% percent of people who commit suicide or attempt to commit suicide suffer from a mental illness, most commonly being depression

Depression Symptoms

Every person dealing with depression has different signs and symptoms, and many are not apparent to even close family members. These signs and symptoms are just a few that a teenager with depression may display:

-unusual or changing eating and sleeping habits

-loss of interest in things one used to be interested in

-noticeable change in behavior

-difficulty concentrating or remembering details

-feelings of hopelessness, worthlessness

-insomnia or excessive sleeping

-unexplained physical problems (ex:headaches, backaches, stomachaches)

-drug abuse is often apparent in those dealing with depression

Coping with Depression

Recovery and coping processes vary widely for every person with depression. As technology increases and medical science makes great strides forward, methods such as Electroconvulsive Therapy are beginning to be used. Most people are wary of the side effects of these methods, and most people tend to use the following ways of coping with depression:

-group or singular counseling (psychotherapy)

-involvement in group activities or sports

-anti-depressants (ex: Prozac)

-residential treatment programs

Websites to Get Help

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