Influence on the Constitiution

Samuel Adams and Thomas Hobbes

Articles of Confederation.

This document was crucial in the success of the Constitution because the Constitution fixed all the mistakes that were made in the Articles of Confederation.

Samuel Adams

  • helped draft the Articles of Confederation
  • architect of American Republicanism
  • had a religious and politically active family

Thomas Hobbes

  • helped to create the Social Contract Theory

Social Contract Theory

  • in earliest history, humans lived in which no government existed and no one was inferior to anyone
  • no authority existed that protected anyone
  • over time, humans agreed to create a state
  • people within a given area agreed to give up power needed to promote safety and well being of others


  • The Articles of Confederation leaned more toward states rights' and individual liberties.
  • Hobbes' Social Contract Theory is a form of natural law in which expressed these beliefs.
  • Samuel Adams helped formed the Articles of Confederation.
  • All of these helped to create the Constitution.