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News from Room 215 for the week of September 15

Tisch's Tidbits

Dear Parents,

Mother Nature can't make up her mind, can she? Some days she's summer and other days she is borderline winter. Either way, I hope you had a great weekend enjoying the seasons of Indiana. I thoroughly enjoyed watching Miss America while grading papers. We used our word of the week by saying the crown is very ornate. Here's what's going on this week!


Wow! I graded the math tests over the weekend I'm amazed at the scores! The kids really did well. The tests should come home tomorrow after we review them in class. The last question the kids had to explain their answer. I'm really pushing them to be very thorough and to explain each part by not using the words it or they. The more specific and detailed, the better! I'm one proud teacher. :)

We are really hitting it hard this week in class! I don't think we stopped to breathe today we were so busy! The start of the week is always packed as I'm introducing the concepts for the week. We did take a break with and raced doing the 100 meter hurdles. The kids loved it!!

Your child should have brought home the newsletter/vocabulary for unit 2 in math. If not, be sure to ask the to do so tomorrow.

We are starting Words Their Way (for spelling/phonics) now that the assessment is done and I have grouped the kids based off of their ability levels. This week I'm teaching the children how to do different activities and their sorts with the words. Starting next week, they will begin to have some homework to help support the developmental skill we are working on at school.

The kids also learned their vocabulary words of the week that go with the story. I will list the words and definitions below so that you can help them know the words. A test will be held Thursday or Friday where there will be a multiple choice section and a fill in the blank section.

If your child brings home a bag or words for the Words their Way sort or vocabulary, please be sure these are returned to school as we use them each day.


Tomorrow is the big day! The kids will be running/walking to hold up on their end of the deal when collecting pledges. So far, the weather looks like it will be sunny and in the high 60's which is great! The pledges will be due next Friday so you still have some time to try to meet that $50 goal! Feel free to go to the SGE website and click on the PTO volunteer opportunities if you'd like to help donate anything for that day

Book Fair

Believe it or not, the book fair is around the corner. It certainly could not be possible without the help of our amazing parents! Again, the link to volunteer is on the SGE website, even if it's only for an hour.


This week we are really focusing on nonfiction informational text preparing the kids to research their animal! Each day they look at the book they checked out from the library or share with a friend studying all of the text features as we learn a few more each day. Please start looking for information online and send it in with your child focusing on appearance. The facts will be due on Monday. Information should include, but is not limited to:


-typical weight


-special features about the animal

I plan on setting up the kids in the computer lab with their passwords for RAZ kids and Everyday Math online. I will put these passwords in the sheet protector located in the Cupcake Folder so they can access these websites at home as well.

Wish List
glue bottles

paper towel/toilet paper rolls for next week's activity

Have a great week!

Your partner in education,



September 17-Jog-A-Thon fundraiser from 1:00-3:00

September 26-pledges are due

Lots of Learning!


-fact families

-What's My Rule?" type problems

-extensions of addition and subtraction


Genre: Informational Text

Text: The Secret Life of Trees

-questioning (asking thick and thin questions)

Thin questions are RIGHT THERE for you to find the answer such as: What color is Jenny's coat? You could read in the text that her coat was red. You may have to search and find the answer such as: How did the character change from the beginning to the end? You can easily look through the book at the beginning and the end for the answer.

Thick questions, on the other hand, are answered by using clues from the story and what you know in your brain. These types of questions take more thinking on the reader's part.

-Text Features

-Main Idea & Details

-Finishing up our Interactive Reading Logs before they are homework. Be on the lookout next Monday for it to come home to be completed as homework!

discover-to learn for the first time

source-the person, place, or thing from which something comes from

energy-the power to do work, move objects, or make things change

shed-to drop skin, features, or hair; to throw off

forecast-to predict the future


-how to make nouns plural and what to look for


-finding ideas and writing up a storm

Life Lines



Idiom of the Week
an arm and a leg

Word of the Week


New Family Survey

The link below is a survey for students and parents who are new this year to Stonegate. We would love to hear from you! Please let Mrs. Cox know if you have any questions.