Nate John Magill

By Alec John Eggers

Nate John Magill

By: Alec John Eggers

Nate has made a difference in my life by showing me what not to do by example. He has also shown me how to have fun. Nate is a great cousin.

Nate was born on Jan 21, 1990 at the Methodist Hospital in Des Moines. Josh Magill was born 2 min. after Nate was born. Nate is Josh’s twin brother. As a kid Nate went to Ankeny School District. For fun as a kid Nate liked to ride bikes, sports, and get in trouble. Boy does he know how to get in trouble.

Nate went to North Polk High school. he graduated in May of 2008. When Nate was in High school he wrestled and played football. The craziest thing he did was jump off the mile long bridge into saylorville lake. He did it because people said he wouldn’t do it.

After he graduated High school Nate went to Iowa State college. He will graduate

on December 14, 2012. His Major is construction engineering. While in college Nate stayed crazy and tried bull riding. He did not succeed. Not so long ago Nate jumped out of a high tree into a foot of water and broke his foot. Nate had many jobs with different construction companies. He has decided to work for Arc. Wall systems after graduation.