Westward Expansion

Manifest Destiny

The belief that it was our destiny from God to expand to each coast of the United States. It was also our job to save those who weren't Christian.
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Picture Timeline

Trails Westward Map

Oregon Trail: The Oregon trail was when settlers moved west to Oregon Country, after getting 160 acres from the Homestead Acts. They went on Wagon trails, staring in Independence. The trip took 6 months.

Santa Fe Trail: The trail down to Santa Fe was a trading trail. It was a 2-month trip and many goods from the south and Mexico were brought back from this trail.
California Trail: The trail out west for gold. It began during the gold rush, normally carrying settlers who wanted to strike rich in gold.
Mormon Trail: The Mormons traveled this trail after getting kicked out of numerous places because of their religion. They traveled from Nauvoo, ILL to Salt Lake City, where they settled it.

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Texas Revolution

1. The people moved down to Texas to settle it and gain land.

2. The Battle of the Alamo was where all the settlers defending Texas were killed, and the Mexican Army won.

3. Led by Sam Houston, the Texans defeated Santa Anna and his army. They made Santa Anna sign a treaty, giving them freedom from Mexico.

Mexican-American War

1. Mexican soldiers attacked a group of US soldiers, initiating the start of the Mexican-American war.

2. The Californians declared that they were an independent nation, and raised a Bear Flag.

3. The treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo gave the US the southwest region, and also made the Rio Grande the border of Mexico.

4. The Gadsten Purchase bought a small area of the southwest, which was planned to be used as a railroad area.

Gold Rush Performance Writing

Dear Marienna,

The Gold Rush has begun, and I arrived here last week. California has been very foggy, yet very warm. For the whole week, it has not been below 62 degrees. The fog settles in the late night and doesn't leave until mid-morning / early afternoon. The mining camps are very drab and bland. All we do is work to find gold, it seems. I myself have only found small nuggets of gold, which I have hidden away. The camps have a lot of people in them, and it can be crowded at times. My tent can just barely fit myself and my equipment. The Gold rush itself brings hope, but also despair. It's kind of like a battle between hope and despair, if you ask me. The hope of finding gold fights against the despair of not getting any gold to bring back. I myself will (hopefully) bring us back some gold! I'll write back soon, Marienna. Right now I must find us gold.