Don't Judge A Book by Its Cover

Shes A Man & The Twelfth Night

She's The Man

In shes the man Viola dresses ass her twin brother sebastian so that she can play on illyria school soccer team, while her brother is off in london with his band. Viola friend Paul helps Viola disguise herself as her brother to prove that she is the man.
She's the Man Tranformation Montage

Comedy Ladder

  • Low Comedy: exerts the loudest longer laughter

-Ex:When viola/sebestain sticks the tampon in her nose as a way to stop nose bleed

  • Farce Comedy:Misunderstanding

-Ex:When viola brother comes back from london and everyone think hes the sebestain/viola but hes the real sebestain.

  • Comedy of Manners:Comedy that dont care about anyone else feelings
-Ex:When viola calls her brother sebestain girlfriend a female dog not caring if it hurt her feelings

  • Comedy of Ideas:Arguing about important issues
-Ex:When the girls soccer team argue about the issue of boys are not better than boys in soccer.

Twelfth Night

In the Twelfth Night Viola and her brother were shipwrecked at sea and she loses her brother and believe that he isnt alive anymore. Viola dresses as a guy and name herself Cesario and becomes a servant to the Duke of Illyria which is Duke Orsino. Duke Orsino in "Twelfth Night" is Viola roommate from ,"Shes A Man,"