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About Us ....

Team OJAS is the official formula electric team of VIT university .The team was founded 4 years back and has since been taking part in various formula student electric events held at different parts of europe .At the time of inception OJAS was one of the two Electric teams in India along side the electric team of IIT Bombay .Since then a lot of electric teams have come up with TEAM OJAS being their forerunner .

The team has so far participated in 4 formula student events ; twice in UK once in Italy and then in Germany . The team's participation in the German FS event is still a dream for many Indian Teams and TEAM OJAS is the first ever Indian electric team to have participated in Formula student Germany .our first car was a hybrid car and it represented the team at Formula student UK held at silverstone and organised by the IMechE(institution of Mechanical engineers) .Though experimental ,the scope of the design and the technologies inducted were broad and the whole concept was revolutionising especially in environment friendly technology forum . the team took its next big step when it shifted to pure electric and took part in the same FS UK the next year with Vidyut ,the silent beast .The event as such was a huge success and the team's performance was commendable .the third car was E619 which ventued the tracks of Riccardo De Paletti in Italy at the Formula Student Italy conducted by the ATA .The Team accomplished the most when it cleared the quiz for the formula student Germany e.V held at hockenheimring Germany .

Our Cars so far ...


  • One of the only two Formula electric teams in India at the time of Inception
  • The only ever Indian Formula Electric Team to have qualified to take part in Formula Student Germany
  • Only Indian FS team to have taken part in UK,Italy and Germany Events .
Team Ojas Roll Out 2015 Teaser

Formula Student Germany - A benchmark for Team Ojas ...

Tuesday, July 28th, 9pm

Hockenheimring ,Germany

Overall the event was a great learning experience as world class teams came from different corners of the globe to display their engineering and project management skills. We were quite overwhelmed with the level of engineering that was displayed at the event.

Electrically, the judges praised us for the level of complexity we displayed in our systems as students, but at the same time, asking us to concentrate on the wiring and routing of the car. Our LiPo cells were criticized, following which we are in talks with several cell manufacturers from South-East Asia. Mechanically, we were asked to optimize the vehicle dynamics systems and improve the bodywork of the car.

We have come back with a lot of ideas which will help us refine our car for the upcoming season, the design for which has already started. Having your support by our side would certainly be an added advantage for setting a benchmark for the 2016 event and it will be critical in ensuring that we are at par with the level of competition next year.