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by Jason Waller

Issue #3

You may have received a blank newsletter in the past few days or the same one 2 times, if you did I am very sorry. I was taping an episode of House Hunters International and we were shooting 12 hours a day. I was so tired, I forgot to do the next issue in time. The life of a TV star is not always easy.........LOL

Check out the exciting new condo project below as well as some more tips on the area.

Jason Waller


I am so excited about this new development that was just released today, that I decided to make it the only property I highlight in this Newsletter.

I believe this to be the best new development in the area and highly recommend it. The developer has a long track record out here and have shown to be very good. But this one is by far their best.

It is located on 38th street, between 5th ave and the beach. 38th and 5th is the best area of town right now and has the top restaurants in town with in a few block radius.

The condos will have some of the largest terraces out here, so if you are looking for outdoor space, location and quality, then contact me right away as I truly expect these to sell fast.

Prices range from $219,000 - $601,000

TERRAZAS will consist in 52 apartments of 1,2 and 3 bedrooms:

4 units of 3 bedrooms with two levels, with 2,260 and 2,786 square feet

19 units of 2 bedrooms with 1,366 to 1,775 sq. feet

9 units of 2 bedrooms with 1,614 and 2,205 sq. feet, with the option of building a 3rd bedroom

2 units of 2 bedrooms, with two levels, with 1,431 and 3,023 sq. feet

10 units of 1 bedroom with 634 and 828 sq. feet

8 units of 1 bedroom with 1,140 sq. feet, with the options of building a second bedroom.






Vacation Rentals

We are now offering custom vacation rental searches. If you are looking to vacation in the area, please contact us and we will do a custom search for you with all the top properties in the area. We don't just work with one company we work with them all to get you the best possible options.


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