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Jollyville Elementary - March Newsletter

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Education Go Get It Week (EGGI Week) March 7-11

Education Go Get Get It Week (EGGI Week) is a way for students to learn about and become excited for post-secondary education. At Jollyville, students are just beginning to think about their hopes and dreams for the future, so while they may not yet know where they want to go to school or what they want to do when they grow up, we want students to know there are so many opportunities and options out there! Whether our students attend a four-year university, community college, a two-year program, technical school, a training program, or branches of the military, we want to make sure that after high school, our Jaguars NEVER STOP LEARNING!

Guidance Lessons

K-3: Students will learn the importance of honesty and telling the truth even when it may result in consequences. For example, when a student pushes another student when they are mad. It is best to tell the truth and to face the consequences rather than lying to get out of trouble.

4-5: Students will review testing strategies and ways to keep calm during the test. This includes getting 10-11 hours of sleep, eating a healthy breakfast, and getting plenty of exercise around testing time. '

Only one guidance per grade level will be given due to preparation and implementation of testing at the end of March. Testing dates are:

*March 29th - 4th Writing and 5th Math

*March 30th - 5th Reading

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Career on Wheels: HELP NEEDED

April 29th is scheduled to be K-3rd's Career on Wheels Day. However, we are having difficult acquiring companies to visit our school. If you or someone you know has access to a firetruck, police car, news/weather van, electricity company, FedEx truck, etc then please contact Dee Johnson or Kristen Wike with information. We're trying to get at least 6 vehicles here. Thanks ahead for your help!