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First Grade - 2nd Quarter 2016-2017

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8 and 7 1st grade
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Ideal Math Lesson vs. Workshop Model

The Ideal Math Lesson has four main components:

- Engage/Explore where the teacher guides the students through a discovery of the lesson,
- Explain/Elaborate where students complete their formative assessment,
- Differentiation based on the assessment, which can consist of centers or stations, and
- Evaluate where the lesson is summed up and reflected upon.

The Workshop Model, as used in Reading and Writing, differs from this model. For more about the comparison between the two different models, please click here.

The Hundreds Chart: It isn't just for breakfast anymore.

Count and Question. Question and Count. Forwards and Backwards. Count all Around.
Hundreds charts (120 Charts, 300 Charts) assist students to visualize the patterns in the hundreds chart, which will improve their ability to calculate mentally. Ultimately students will visualize the patterns and solve problems without reference to the chart. For this to become a reality, children must have regular access. HERE is a printable 120 chart for student desks.

In addition to easy access, first graders need LOTS and LOTS of opportunities to connect the numbers on the chart with their quantities. Use counters and place value cubes when playing games on the chart. When students are not demonstrating understanding of bigger numbers, ask them to make them for you.

"Can you find 34 on the number line chart for me?"

"Can you build that number using these place value blocks?"

"How much is one more than that number? One less? 10 more? 10 less?

Many first graders lose number understanding with the teen numbers. Ask, "Can you find 14 on the number line chart? Can you build that number? How far away is that number from 10? How far away is it from 20? Can you make that number with a doubles fact? Show me using these."

HERE are printable 120 charts, activities and fantastic little Number Talk starters to use with your chart! Here are some fun printables for differentiated centers. HERE is a site with some great questions and activities. And don't forget to check out our continuously updated GO MATH RESOURCE DOC for more great web links, printables and SMART Board downloads!

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From Concrete ... to Representational ... to Abstract

Help your students make sense of math.

Check out these questions to help your students think deeper about math.

100 Questions That Promote Mathematical Discourse.

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As the math specialist dedicated to all things First Grade, my hope is that together we inspire our children to seeing math in their world; to discovering how dependable their numbers are; to breaking their numbers apart and flexibly putting them together again; and to confidently making more and more numbers "their numbers".

Kristine Venneman

Elementary Mathematics Specialist

Bayview Elementary School

First Grade Representative