Dead Zones

all about dead zones

About Dead Zones

Dead Zones are caused by lack of oxygen in an ocean or body of water. Dead zones kill our fish as well as other animals living in the ocean or body of water.

Positive or Negative Effect

Dead zones are a negative affect on our earth because they kill our fish, and other creatures living in the ocean or body of water.

How we can help

Our group was thinking about it and we think we could oxygenate the water by putting a oxygen tank under water and letting it blow.

Area Effected

The Delta near the Mississippi river is the most affected area in north america, by the dead zones in the gulf of Mexico

(Information from Google)

Effect on our enviroment

Dead Zones effect our environment because they kill fish and when they kill fish it is causing us not to be able to buy more fish and alot of fishing businesses would go out of business.When the fish are killed it also affects are environment because the fishes prey (birds) wouldn't have food and they would be come endangered.