Monday News and Notes

April 20, 2015



Exterior doors need to be closed at all times. While it is convenient to leave doors propped open when going outside for recess or activities, this can lead to visitors entering the building without being cleared to do so.

Summer School:

Invitations will be going home tomorrow. Please check the Google Drive and make sure it has those students you are recommending. Do not delete anyone, only add to it.

Character Forms:

Character forms, for consideration in placement, will be going home tomorrow. As always, these will remain confidential unless I need to discuss a placement other than the one you recommend.

Math Assessments:

Please review the Google Drive daily for the most updated list of testing locations, accommodations and opt outs. Please secure your rulers, protractors and calculators as appropriate. We have not received our math tests or manuals from the State as of yet but as soon as we do I will forward the manuals. They are available online as well.


As many of you have been made aware, Lin Jackowski is retiring at the end of this school year. Lin had dedicated countless hours to the students and families at Galway Central School District and is a valued member of the district and community. Her insight, knowledge and friendship will be missed!

This week at a glance!


Bus drill weather permitting (if not it will be moved to Tuesday)


Tech Committee Meeting

Tinker Tuesday-Students meet Jeanine in the cafeteria to walk to the library 2:30

Kindergarten Field Trip to Proctor's (A Dog Who Loves Books)


Math testing begins book 1


Math testing book 2

Board of Education Meeting

I will be out of the building for a Principal's meeting at BOCES


Math testing book 3

3rd Marking Period ends

Reminder-Monday April 27 is the Reading Committee Meeting

Friday May 1st is a 1/2 day. Please plan to meet with parents of students you have academic concerns about.