Mrs. Shadwell's Class Updates

October 12, 2015

Field Trip

We had beautiful weather for our trip to the Campbell County Environmental Education Center last Wednesday. Students had the opportunity to collect data about sunlight, temperature, wind speed, plants, & animals in three different ecosystems. What a perfect culmination to our plant and animal interdependence unit!

Science Study Guide

We will have our first science test this Thursday, October 15. Study guides were sent home Monday and can be found below and on the class website. We will review in class this week as well. The test is heavy on application of skills, and the study guide gives the learning target outcomes students have been working towards this unit. To quiz your child, you may wish to make up scenarios and have them respond. For example, for learning target #6, have your child draw a food chain and then ask what might happen if the producer/plant is removed from the food chain. How might that affect the other organisms in the food chain? For learning target # 9, students will watch a video clip of animal behavior and have to determine the reason the animal lives in a group. They have practiced this in class, but it is important that they know the 3 main reasons listed on the study guide that animals live in groups so that they may apply that knowledge to the video on the test.
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Upcoming Dates

Monday, October 12- Board of Education Meeting, 6:30

Wednesday, October 14- Fire Prevention Smoke House, Grades 1-3

Thursday, October 15- Picture Day & PTO Meeting, 8:15

Friday, October 16- End of 1st Quarter & 3rd Grade to Taft (no need to pack lunches)

Tuesday, October 20- SBDM Council Meeting, 3:15

Wednesday, October 21- Late Arrival Day

Friday, October 23- School House Symphony & Report Cards Distributed

October 26-30- Red Ribbon Week

Wednesday, October 28-Vision Screenings, Grades 3 and 5