Mrs. Foulk's News


Parent/Teacher Conferences:

Thank you to everyone who attended. It is so powerful for our students to know that their parent and teacher are teamed up to support them. I am always trying to improve in the area of parent communication because I know how important it is to you all that you know what is going on with your student at school. It is genuine when I say, "Please email me if you have any questions". Even if it is to simply, "check-in" to see how they are doing.

Here are a couple of key points to note:

-Please always ensure we have your email addresses at school. As a district, we are going paperless and we want to make sure you are receiving all important information.

-As a third grade team, we will be adjusting our homework routine after winter break. Students will be completing assignments using a website that uses the internet. IF YOU DO NOT have consistent internet access, please let us know as we can get your student paper copies to complete the assignments. There will be more specific details to come. Until then, homework will normal.

Field Trip

I am still needing several Field Trip permission forms and money for students. Please send those in on Monday. If the money portion is a concern, please email me and we can get something worked out. Your student should have another permission slip going home with them today if they have not turned theirs in.

Important Dates:

11/14: No School/ PTA Bingo Night
11/20: Fall Parties
11/25: Field Trip
11/26-11/28 No School (Thanksgiving Break)

How Many Seeds In a Pumpkin?

This Week:

Math: We have finished our "area" unit. We will come back to the concept of area in a couple of weeks where students will learn the formula to find the area of a quadrilateral.

Writing: Students have spent the week collecting ideas in their Writer's Notebooks for their memoir. They have included memories that are from special people, places and things.

Reading: We have introduced what traditional literature is. We are specifically using Fairy Tales to guide our next comprehension lessons. Students began to describe the characters in their stories with "character traits", which are adjectives that describe what a character is like on the inside.

Next Week:

Math: We are going to start working on "fluency" with our math facts. We will now specifically be working on the speed and accuracy part of fluency. Our students really do have a good understanding of "what" multiplication and division are. Now we want them to be able to solve problems quickly and correctly in both multiplication and division. We will begin with 0, 1, 2 and 10. Any "flashcard" practice will be helpful.

Writing: Students will choose one small moment from their life and begin to write a draft of their personal memoir. We are going to really try to have students pick a "snapshot" of an event or experience instead of trying to tell an entire life-tale.

Reading: Using the Fairy Tales we introduced last week, we will look at what "themes" are in literature. Students will try to identify themes within their own texts as well.

Science: We are going to continue to work on learning about the scientific method. We will be conducting several small science experiments to focus on what "observing" is and how we collect data.

What happens when you put colored candy in water?