Madrid Spain

Its a great place


Have you bean trying to look for a perfect vacation to go to well come to the great madrid it has everything that you can dream for come and explore.

FOOD yummmm

mostly spain has alot of spice in there lice spicy things is part of there food cultureMadrid Spain ussaully make there food from scratch and they grow there crops but mostly the food that they eat is rice and beans but overall what i am trying to say is that they put alot of spicy spice in there food and that is my conclusion.
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madrid spain follow there culture history and of course art they go to there history measum like there ruler was there ever since 1776-1885 when he died and they also have colorful festivals.

Tourism and Activities

What they usually do for there activities or tourism is have festivals that they celebrate they weddings birthday parties or like colorful festivals but what they usually wear is colorful outfit and that bring out colors and here is the royal palace.

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Climate and Weather

there weather overall is really good because in southern Madrid Spain is colder and northern is hotter so if i were you i would go to the northern part so u can have a great vacation but mostly rainy season.
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well there main language is spanish but it is different from the actually spanish not all of it is all different but some are not.

Landmarks marks

well there landmarks are there measum and there royal palace and right now they have a ruler that lives in there palace and here is a picture of there measum.
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