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January 2016

Happy New Year!

Have you made any resolutions? Forget about drinking more water or getting in shape! My favorite New Year's resolution is definitely this: Read More Books. And I'm hoping it's yours, too. Make it easier by creating a reading goal and tracking your progress with the 2016 Reading Challenge on Goodreads!

Intermediate Book Spotlight- The War the Saved My Life

Nine-year-old Ada has never left her one-room apartment. Her mother is too humiliated by Ada’s twisted foot to let her outside. So when her little brother Jamie is shipped out of London to escape the war, Ada doesn’t waste a minute—she sneaks out to join him.

So begins a new adventure of Ada, and for Susan Smith, the woman who is forced to take the two kids in. As Ada teaches herself to ride a pony, learns to read, and watches for German spies, she begins to trust Susan—and Susan begins to love Ada and Jamie. But in the end, will their bond be enough to hold them together through wartime? Or will Ada and her brother fall back into the cruel hands of their mother?
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Primary Book Spotlight- Last Stop on Market Street

Every Sunday after church, CJ and his grandma ride the bus across town. But today, CJ wonders why they don't own a car like his friend Colby. Why doesn't he have an iPod like the boys on the bus? How come they always have to get off in the dirty part of town? Each question is met with an encouraging answer from grandma, who helps him see the beauty—and fun—in their routine and the world around them.
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  1. Bibllonaslum gives teachers and students a social network for promoting reading. Students can provide book reviews and recommendations to classmates. Our teachers have used the site to create reading challenges among their students and classes, as well as provide reading lists to students and parents. Students can also maintain their reading logs online with this wonderful website!
  • Geogussr lets students journey and explore throughout the world. This site uses Google Maps and starts students in a specific location somewhere in the world. Students must navigate throughout the landscape to find clues to identify their specific location. Once a guess is made, points are awarded based on how close the guess was to the actual location. Teachers love this addicting game because it teaches students a great deal about world geography as well as critical thinking skills at the same time!

Kids Derserve it!

Kids Deserve It exists today to be a source of inspiration but also to be a place where ideas and opinions are brought about that may challenge the way things have always been done.

Kids Deserve It is a place for passionate educators who don’t allow their limitations to limit them. Who do whatever it takes for kids.

Get Your Kids Deserve It Bracelet #KidsDeserveIt
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One Word Mission

Now that each grade level had the challenge of creating a mission statement, lets challenge the students to a one word mission for 2016. Tweet it #oneword #kidsderserveit
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