Flynn & Faour's Floral Shop

Est. 1897

Information On The Company

Employing over 150 employees our corporation provides floral arrangements for weddings mostly, with the meager funeral and other miscellaneous occasions.

Arrangements From the Past

History of F&F

Flynn and Faour's was started by the Flynn and Faour family 4 generations ago. The founders, Edward Flynn and Cindy Faour, started the business in 1897. Very soon after the business flourished and steadily became the multi-national corporation it is today.

In the 1890's work was very hard to find, the founding families though very wealthy took pity on the people without jobs and decided to create the company as a way to give them a job to provide for their families.

Chain of Command

  • CEO
  • CFO
  • Senior Executive Manager
  • Junior Manager
  • Assistant Manager
  • Area Manager
  • Starting Employee

Hiring Practices

If you would like a job with F&F please visit any of our store fronts and ask for a job application. You will be interviewed twice, once with 4 other people, the next if you permit you will be interviewed one-on-one with our Senior Executive Manager to see if you will be hired.
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