Elizabeth Beard

All About Me :)


I have a mom, dad, and four siblings. An older sister named Hannah, younger sister named Kathryn, younger brother named Matthew, and younger sister named Caroline.


I enjoy to dance, read, watch medical TV shows, and I absolutely love to take care of babies! Careers that would fit these interests include dance instructor, NICU nurse, and babysitter.

Personality Traits

Some of my personality traits include being caring, enthusiastic, intelligent, faithful, and humorous. Both my Holland personality test results and Myers/Briggs test results proved I was highest in the social personality type with a close enterprising personality type. This means that I am a very social person and have the ability to deal with people of all kinds. Careers that go along with these types of personality are hairstylist, flight attendant, or nurse/doctor.


My top two skills are being a good dancer, making people laugh, and working hard to achieve something, such as good grades in school. Careers that could match these skills are dance instructor, teacher, or comedian.

It's All Good

Things about myself that make me satisfied and happy are dancing, having good friends, and getting good grades.

Ways To Improve

Things I want to improve on include having a better positive mental attitude toward my siblings, having a more calm attitude, trying to not get annoyed as often, and have a daily exercise program.

Career Cluster

I believe I belong in the Health Sciences career cluster. Jobs that are in that cluster include registered nurse, family doctor, pharmacist, and NICU nurse.

Multiple Intelligence

My strongest multiple intelligence is Intrapersonal Intelligence. Careers that match this intelligence comprise of therapist, counselor, entrepreneur, or film director.


My life values: God, Family, and Friendships

My work values: Excellence, Integrity, and Confidence

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As of right now, I am not involved in any programs at school, but next year I hope to be part of FBLA and the Royal Blues dance team. Outside of school, I participate in dance class.

My Future

In the future, I hope to be married to a wonderful man and have many children. I hope to be able to travel all over the world to see other people's culture and how they live. I also want to be a part of the Health Sciences career cluster. Another thing I want to do in the future is go snorkeling and see all the wonderful sea life.